Must have items from the item shop?

  • Must get:
    Teva Past a certain level.
    Experience cards
    the rest could help to level.
    20% charms (they do stack some what to be 40% for an hour)
    an outfit with stats
    enhancing bundles to help your gear/weapon (unless you are getting power leveled it's expensive to waste sc by leveling quickly)

  • Depends how much you plan to spend, for new players (up to level 80 or so) for me the priority would be:

    1. A mount. (any perm with 200 speed, even +0 they're better then the level 50-60 donkeys)

    2. Limited old bags/iron box/iron case. (space for items will be a problem, there are ways around this though like storage characters or storage guilds or attendance rewards)

    3. Charms, extenders, exp cards and 30 day costumes. (for added ease with leveling but can get expensive and is not entirely necessary)

    Keep in mind that's just up to 80, after 80 I'd definitely change priorities a bit and add Tevas and higher focus on charms, extenders and costumes.

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  • 1. A mount

    2. Storage items old bags/iron box/iron case.

    3. Teva (for higher levels)

    4. If you plan to do the questing and repeats killing yourself I'd recommend charms, extenders, costumes, bundles to enhance weapons/gear, etc. But if you plan to join parties with a designated killer, you don't need to worry about those as much. I think one of the easiest ways to find questing help is joining a good guild. There are plenty of guilds with members that will help you.


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  • 1) Perm Mount

    2) Inventory space

    ^ must haves

    I would actually recommend waiting on charms/suits/extenders until lvl 105+ everything else is easily doable in +3 gears/weapons depending on your class. (Basically if you are anything but a cleric and maybe a trickster). There are also plenty of parties doing the repeats usually and can find a guild that is able to help you with them.

    1 other thing a 30 day mini house + maybe a sign of tycoon if you plan on vending to make in game money.

  • If you are strictly leveling, do yourself a good service and save multi headaches and tears by:

    1.Classes: Save your sanity by leveling a mage or archer first because you can log 3 clients at once, you can always plvl yourself for when the other classes need help at repeats and killing 1 by 1 just isn't reasonable.

    2. Enhanced Weapon: at about 90 is where having a +0 weapon really isn't enough if you are soloing so at this point, you would want to have bought a few tradeable bundles of charms from store to sell for gems because they sell like hotcakes and you will be able to quickly use the money to buy a +12 weapon.

    3. Charms: 20% charms work wonders especially during repeats, but 50% from tradeable and 50% from enhanced charms will blow your mind.

    4. Quest booster: Again, this game becomes repeat heavy so having an extra 10/20% boost on the quest exp is SUPER worth it.

    Once you've leveled your mage or archer to 105+, and you have that weapon, you will be able to quickly plvl any other class you want.

  • Deluxe coupon unless you want to look like an npc... jk.. a little serious though queenlove but uh for sure a mount + inventory space (buy them discounted or bogo)


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    looking for sc bonus...

  • Deluxe coupon unless you want to look like an npc... jk.. a little serious though queenlove but uh for sure a mount + inventory space (buy them discounted or bogo)

    If you do the attendance quests for the stamps, there will be no need to go off and buy the Deluxe Beauty Coupon. Unless you are in a hurry to change the looks of course.

  • Well if people don't know, they can always ask around or use the search function on the forums to gather the information. Here's the the thread discussing the attendance quest if anyone is curious.

    >>>[Maintenance] 07/31/19 - Discussion<<<

    Check post number 2 made by Cupcake (after the Gamigo party stuff).

    Which attendance boxes the parchments are in for those who don't know.

    Ancient Wanderlust Parchment - Day 2, 5, 9, 11, 17, 19, 22, 24

    Splendid Wanderlust Parchment - Week 1, 2, 3, and 4

  • If you're new to the game, and money is not a problem for you, here are my recommendations.

    Probably the most important bundle if you're planning to level.
    Gives you 30 day 100% EXP card (only from monster kills), 30 day 50% HP/SP/LP Extender, and 30 day Blessing of Teva (prevents EXP loss upon death).

    1x 300K HP Magic Potion (can be spammed for instant HP gain)
    1x 300k SP Magic Potion (same for SP)
    50x Tear's of Legel (extremely helpful item, allows you to revive on the spot with your buffs reset)

    2 ) TEAR OF LEGEL (10 UNITS)
    Same description as above.

    These can only be purchased/gifted once every 168 hours (7 days)
    You will be using them a lot at the higher levels so stacking a lot of them so early in the game will allow you to have no issues keeping up with farming/leveling in the future.
    They provide a 50% Damage and Defense boost for 2 hours.
    They can be stacked with Tradeable 50% Charms of Might (2 Hours) to allow 100% Damage and Defense boost.
    They can be stacked with 50% Charms of Might (4 Hours) to allow 100% Damage and Defense Boost

    4 ) LUCKY BOX (Weapon Skin)
    This isn't mandatory, but getting a weapon skin is an extreme benefit especially at higher levels.
    They often do increased rates for these, so probably wait until that happens. (x8, x10, x14 increased rate)
    They provide 20% Damage, 10% Crit, and 6% Aim boost to your character.

    5 ) Enhancement Bundles
    These are not necessary at the lower levels especially if you are using Charms of Might.
    They will become extremely useful in the higher levels (60+ for Tier 3, 80+ for Tier 4, and 100+ for Tier 5).
    They allow you to enhance your Weapon for increased Damage/Magic Damage, Armor for increased Defense, and Jewelry for increased Magic Defense.

    6 ) 10% / 20% Quest EXP Booster.
    This is extremely helpful as the majority of your EXP is acquired from doing Quests, these will literally reduce the amount of repeats, etc you will be doing.
    Unfortunately they're not always on sale in the store, but if you see the 20% Quest EXP Booster, I highly recommend grabbing a few.
    They only sell these in 7-day.

    Perm Mounts are definitely a necessity for getting around the world of Isya.
    They can be enhanced to +5 to provide faster transportation, as well as provide a HP/SP/LP Regeneration while mounted.
    Extremely useful for tanking/pulling mobs to kill.

    8 ) Appearance SC (Costumes)
    With any extra SC you have, spend them on 30-day Appearance SC.
    They provide small but definitely helpful stat bonuses like increased Damage / Crit / Aim / Evasion / Defense
    The end-game meta SC is almost never on sale and will need to be stockpiled. I won't provide that list at the moment.

    9 ) Storage
    Permanent Storage Iron Case (inventory) and Iron Box (Storage) can go on sale once every 3 or so months.
    Maybe stick to 30 days until they go on sale, if you plan on staying for a while.

    Do not spend more SC than you can afford. It gets addicting and you can overspend.
    Please be careful.
    And most importantly HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME ON FIESTA.

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