Can't Join Servers

  • We're already been down this road before( several times). Gamigo has already given us a big announcement and patch where DDos attacks weren't supposed to be working anymore. Could it be that the servers were just not prepared to host so many people online at once who would otherwise be more spread out? You can't possibly really be telling us that Gamigo is still able to get it's wig split by DDos attacks. Wasn't the DDos attacks of yesterdays linked to a someone or a group of people from a guild in-game who were knocking the servers off to reset world bosses? Gamigo needs to look into this and start eating up accounts.

    Evil never fails to be evil. With everything going on with Covid-19, evil still finds a way to enact more misery.

  • and the award for most dramatic comment of the day goes seriously i don't have the slightest idea

    this kind of action comes in more than one flavor, but the sentiment is the same

    follow will wheatons' law and don't be a dork

  • I don't think telling the person(s) who is doing this is gonna change anything. Doubt they give a shit what Gamigo and the players think.

    i mean i agree they probably don't care which is why they are doing this to begin with. However, I think getting angry, threatening to quit and such (not you kentomaru but others) just encourages these children.

  • it was something like this that made a lot of folks quit back in....2010? close to the time the former company gave up on it.

    there was a difference though, as players were hacked, and that, was a separate but deliberate situation. (that's why you don't share your account info folks)

    it ought to involve criminal prosecution what some individuals continue to do to games that regardless of their perspective, many people still enjoy. i say let gamers make their own decisions about what they like, don't attack potential competition or force yourself on the community/industry.

    just because a few thousand people don't find the appeal of a program, does not give them authority or right to dictate to anyone else. leave them alone with what they enjoy and go find something you DO like.

  • the former company didn't give up on it. They had a lawsuit against them. I don't remember further details than that but yea, gamigo rescued the game back then. Other than that, I agree with every word you said :)

  • Can't join server

    i can join, without problems :D


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  • uhuu. sudden game broke near the end of MiniDragon HC. Then message "server is full" etc, etc...Then frozen login screen...nice

  • I got disconnected in game and now I can't join a server to play. I can put my log in information in, takes me to the choose a server screen but I can't join to play. I can't get past the server page.

    I am having same problem also:cursing:

  • So Maitanence for today was declared done and the servers are supposed to be open as of 2 hours ago but once again, I am unable to join servers.

    So the attitude given to me previously by other commentors was just unneccessary because here I am once again, with the same issue with seemingly no reason to why.

    Why is this issue not being addressed?