Can't Join Servers

  • I got disconnected in game and now I can't join a server to play. I can put my log in information in, takes me to the choose a server screen but I can't join to play. I can't get past the server page.

  • Update: I have restarted my computer and that didn't work. I can't join any server. All other buttons on the screen work except for join.
    I am not really interested in reinstalling this game. I just downloaded this yesterday and it took my 5 reinstalls to get it to work correctly. This seems to be a common issue as I have gone through the threads and I am not seeing any responses of solutions for it.

    Feeling discouraged.

  • Mine just says all the servers are "low". Originally when I was playing Isyla said "High" then when I d/c it said "medium" and now it's "low" so clearly others are having same issue. If it's some sort of "getting ready for maitenance" then they should advertise while people are playing. I didn't see a thread about mait. so idk.

    I played back when this game first started and then quit and when I tried a few years back it was so buggy that I quit again. This is once again a frustrating reintroduction to this game. Maybe it just isn't meant to be lol

    If it's such a common issue, it should be addressed which I am not seeing anywhere.

  • I now see that Isyal server says offline and when you click it, it says closed.

    If mods eventually read this thread: There is probably a less frustrating way to go about closing a server without making players think there is something wrong with the launcher lol instead of the frustrating experience of thinking I can't join a server, a pop up message saying servers are closing when you try to log in would probably be better and to adverstise when playing game that the server is closing is another idea. At least then I wouldn't try troubleshooting. Just a suggestion.

  • yeah can't get on again, connections to server has failed

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  • Same here, says connection to servers has failed.

    More then likely, it a server crash for some reason.

    Hopefully IT team is on it.

  • Same! Waited for 4 hours for ES, and cant connect to the server, it says failure to connect.

    And before, today I experienced the same issue of inactive Join botton, but after clicking it many times and just leaving it like that I think it connected to the character choice page after like 10 mins and I was able to log on.