[In-Game Event] Arkmine Knights!

  • Attention Isyans!

    Weapons Title Merchants have gotten their hands on some unactive Arkmine Knights and are trying to analyze and detect a weakness! The only problem is that the merchants aren't able to pull any information about the Arkmine Knights in this unactive states. There's where a new problem arises, once they are active they are so volatile.

    The Arkmine Knights have a short life span once they've been released into the world. Not to mention they knock their victims out upon detonation... That's where you come in! The merchants are going release the Arkmine Knights in OX Field, all you need to do is pull the Arkmine Knights around while the merchants analyze it with magic.

    The Arkmine Knights need to be moving around to be analyzed. So get in there and help these merchants get the information they need! WAIT! I almost forgot the best part, Grand Master Sean heard about this little operation and would like to turn this into a competition to see who can survive the longest! NO skills, gears, or consumables! Survive as long as possible and come out on top!

    Hes even gotten some Prankster Snowmen to stop terrorizing Elderine and bring some Snowbanks to help you out! We'd also like to throw in a magical crystal that'll give you a speed boost!

    How It Works:

    - The Merchants will gather in OX Field and allow everyone to collect some Crush Balls to aid in their survival.

    - Then the Arkmine Knights will be released!

    - Use the Crush Balls to knock back Arkmine Knights, why not use it to knock other players into Arkmine Knights as well?

    - You can even team up to fend off the Arkmine Knights. But remember there can only be one person standing! Who's going to betray who first?



    Enid: Saturday 22nd February 2020 @3:00PM GMT

    Jenira: Saturday 22nd February 2020 @4:00PM GMT

    Pagel: Sunday 23rd February 2020 @3:00PM GMT

    Isya: Sunday 23rd February 2020 @4:00PM GMT


    - 5 Event Points for the last survivor of each round and GM Chest Spawns


    - All Game and Event Rules apply.

    - All GM instructions must be followed.

    - Anyone disturbing the event or displaying inappropriate behavior will be put in jail for the duration of the event.

    - Users are only permitted to win once per event---attempting to win on multiple servers will result in forfeiting all prizes.

    Good Luck!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team