[Wiki] Fan made database website

  • Hello McLovinIt !

    If you want to participate to the project and have some ideas you would like to see added to the wiki feel free to DM me, I usually focus on things requested by the community :)

    Right now I'm working on improving the quests pages by displaying quest items drop rates and from which mobs they drops (something someone suggested and that is actually pretty cool)

    Here is some sneak peek on what should be released soon (feedback is welcomed)


    I don't really have a fixed roadmap on what will come next but I think I will add these thing (maybe not in that order):

    - Mob pages (will probably need some help with the screenshots for that ^^)

    - Kingdom Quest

    - Attendance Reward

    - Fame Lucky Capsule drops (the ones with sc items in them)

    And I'm waiting for a Gamigo response on some files that are not up to date in the client to get Monster XP (currently only mobs lvl 125- are listed idk why ;()

    In a second time when all the database stuff is done I will get started with guides which is something many people requested.

  • Thank you for creating wiki, It is awesome!

    Quest 120-120 -> 120-129

    Please add NPC location, It was very difficult to find Bat Hunter Polan and Caoming.

  • Thanks for your hard work!


    Quest 120-120 -> 120-129

    Please add NPC Location. It was very hard to find Bat Hunter Polan and Chaoming, and There are so many same named NPCs