HK vs Guardian on basic damage

  • I always tot HK (classified cranker) has higher damage compared to Guardian. But it makes me confuse now as comparing skill and weapon, HK's bleed has lesser damage than Guardian's trip and HK uses mace, which has lesser damage than Guardian's hammer.

    So is HK really gives higher damage than Guardian?:/

  • HKs give higher damage due to the party buff upgrades, the 100% crit buff, the bash debuffs and the cross but it's arguably still lacking due to mace dmg vs. hammer damage, which is why a few people suggest switching the weapons to give HKs more damage.

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  • If you're speaking in terms of raw damage they provide themselves, then a Guardian will out-damage a HolyKnight due to the Hammer doing more damage than Mace (by a considerable margin).

    Yes, HolyKnight's have Deadly Blessing (Crit buff), Protect (damage/def buff), and God's Benevolence (Cross).
    But these can apply to party and expo as well as the HolyKnight themselves.

    I don't really understand the point you're trying to figure out though, as neither class are really considered DD Classes and are mostly support Classes.

    But to anwer TL;DR - Guardian does more damage than HolyKnight.

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  • Effective dps of a HK is higher than a guardian, even though a guardian has stronger base damage. Would be nice to have hks have similar base damage to guardians though.