[Forum Event]Valentine's 2020

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    Greetings Isyans,

    Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and once again we're back with another event! This Year's Event will be slightly different from previous Valentine's Day Event. Instead of the usual Date a GM, the Valentine's 2020 event will be focused on just one person. That's right! You've guessed it, it's our beloved Kuroneko. In order to win my heart you will need to complete any single one of these task <3

    How it works:

    Here are the following task, complete any single one of them in order to win Kuro's heart <3 (You may complete more than one)

    • Write a Romantic Letter or Poem to Kuroneko
    • Design a Valentine's Themed Pet or a Pet suited for Kuroneko
    • Design a Valentine's Themed Suit or a Suit for Kuroneko
    • Design a Valentine's Card to Kuroneko or Fiesta Online
    • Create a Fan Art for Kuroneko
    • Produce something in real life!

    Here is a template of Kuroneko:





    Deadline: Friday 14th February 2020


    • A Chance to Date Kuroneko within the game
    • 5 Event Points


    • All Game and Event Rules apply.
    • All GM instructions must be followed.
    • Anyone disturbing the event or displaying inappropriate behaviour will be put in jail for the duration of the event.
    • Users are only permitted to win once per event---attempting to win on multiple servers will result in forfeiting all prizes.

    Good Luck!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

  • I'm still waiting for my GM Date from 10 years ago.
    The GM never showed.

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  • Poem:
    Look into her golden eyes,

    Drowning in the depths.
    Move past the community lies,
    This GM takes enormous steps,
    To placate the crowd,
    And accomplish her purpose.
    So despite the very loud
    Noises I will place my trust,

    In Magical Girl Kuroneko the Heart-mender
    Hopefully making the players more tender.

    My fan art/ design for Magical Girl Heart-Mender Kuroneko comes with:
    -Heart-Mender Crown
    -Wand back item (though she is holding it here)
    -Heart-mender aura
    -Mini Pet Heather the Heart-Seeker magical cat


    Back and side views:

    Character: NiteRae
    Server: Isya
    Reward: Date Please? :)

    P.S. I have a male version in mind too so if it ever fits a theme for Artist Corner <3 (Maybe I will use Mar as the model)

  • I hope my entry isn't too... too late. o_O I'd figured to give it a try.

    Corny Poem:

    I saw ya once before

    And I wish I would've gotten to know ya more.

    So... Would ya like to go out on a date with me, Kuroneko?

    We'll have fun while sippin' on hot coco.

    They say that black cats are bad luck

    But I don't believe in that muck.

    I'll pet your ears and make ya purr.

    While complementing ya on your soft fur.

    We could hang out in a barn.

    While playing with colorful yarn.

    You looked so stylish!

    We could eat some tuna fish.

    Character: GrungieGirl27
    Server: Jenira
    Reward: Date Maybe? Purrttie Please with a cherry on top?

  • Greetings!

    Apologies for the delay in annoucing the winner of this event!

    I am happy to announce that MintyGreens and GrungieGirl27 have won a date with me on each of their respective servers along with 5 Event Points for participation.

    Please PM me the times you are free and available for your In-Game date on either Discord or the Forums <3

    Love you all and see you at the next event!