Explanation of stats.

  • Good question about the talisman would be unique if it added piercing damage.

    As for the cs comment if u don’t use cs I see no harm with going 25 spr (25 since after this it is impacted by finishing returns). However, if you have cs maximise your damage with str via build

    gear stats end/dex then either int/str or spr

    upper gear





    pve glad would go




    these stats maximise dps with a full str build + cash shop

  • This thread is complete mess.

    Although I'd like to reiterate some points made throughout the discussion;

    ~> DEX in build is useless the vast majority of the time, except in some PvP scenarios. In PvE, you have access to aim scrolls and DEX pots, which even if you have terrible gears, will provide you with enough aim to never miss (Yes, even on a gladiator).

    ~> The raw DMG you receive from STR in build is multiplicative. (The 198 raw damage you have from 165 points in STR begins as RAW damage, why would it suddenly transform to non-raw damage upon being multiplied? Seems illogical to me).

    ~> Yes SPR can be useful in build if you're on a budget and cannot afford to use a lot of sc.

    ~> Someone suggested DEX/SPR build for mages? This is insanity. As stated above, SPR may be useful depending on your individual situation. However DEX in a mage build, be it wizard or warlock is utterly useless. Firstly, wizard's have higher aim on staves (almost 300 more on SK staff compared to SK wand), this accompanied by having okay aim on gears (not to mention scrolls/pots) you're never going to miss in PvE. Secondly, warlock's have an insane aim due to their passive. My 135 warlock has 6.5k aim at cap without ANY sc other than a weapon skin.

    Feel free to let me know if there were any *other* dumb points made, or curiosities anyone may have which you would like addressed.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.