Karma Koin redeems

  • I bought $30 Ca of Karma Koin card last month , but can not redeem for slim coin . If Karma Koin is not available to redeem , why Gamigo did not take it out of Purchase shop ?. Any GM tell me how I can redeem or I can get money back from Karma Koin company .


  • If you go to https://en.gamigo.com/fiesta/en/itemshop and login you should see something like this.


    Click on the charge button, and it should open a new tab that looks like this.


    Select the amount of you want, then select Karma Koin for method of payment, then click on the To The Checkout button.

    If you do not see all the method of payments like this there should be a button or link to change it, then the Karma Koin option should show up.

  • As Aerro said, you may have to change the method of payment. Make sure you have selected a $ amount.

    Karma Koin is not available in some countries. In these countries the option for Karma Koin cannot be found. If you have the option and can't redeem it, please contact ticket support.

    To get a refund on your Karma Koin card, please contact your Karma Koin dealer (the place that you purchased your Karma Koin card from).

  • The amounts in Aerro's SS reflect what it would look like in the US, if you are purchasing the SC from Canada you should see another line before the "price in $" that says "Price in CA$ (approx.)" if you are attempting to get the 28000 it will not go through as that's the US rate.

    The prepaid cards do not work very well from Canada because of the exchange rates (E.G. the $29.99 US is $39.14 CA) so if it's not going through this might be your issue (a card with $39.13 CA for example would only work with 8900 and 18500 SC so your missing cent will mean 600 less SC).

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