[Forum Event] Zoom 2.0

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    "Zoom zoom!" No not that kind of Zoom. Zoom 2.0 is an event for those with a keen eye, to see through the dust and mists and be the fastest to spot the locations where Kuroneko took some images in game with a zoomed in lens. Figure out where the spots in the pictures are to win a prize.

    How to win:

    A set of images will be posted on the forums with a zoomed in picture of a part of something or a scenery in game. PM [GM]HoneyTeddy the map name and an image of your character next to the location(s) in game. Please include your character name and server at least once in your PMs to be eligible to win.

    *There will be TWO sets of images. One is for the higher levels, and one is for everyone else who can't access those maps. You should only do ONE set. No not mix up the sets*

    - You can use multiple characters to take pictures. Your prize will be assigned only to the character which you name in your PM.

    - Make sure you include: Your character, the location, the mini map in the image you submit.


    Forum and in game


    16th - 22th January 2020


    1st to submit (reward does not stack): Frosty the Penguin (7 days) OR 2 EP

    Get all correct: Frosty the Penguin (30 days) OR 10 EP

    Get 1 or more correct (reward does not stack): Frosty the Penguin (7 days) OR 2 EP


    • All general rules apply to this event.
    • Entries must not be edited.
    • All images should be taken by the poster, no sharing.
    • Entries should include character name, prize of choice and server to be valid.
    • The deadline for the last entry is no later than 23:59PM PDT on the 22th January 2020.
    • -Each participant can only win once.
    • -All decision by staff members are final.