Attention CM's PM's and Game Dev's

  • As we all know, there's a huge list of things horribly wrong with Fiesta, and doesn't matter to Gamigo anymore as long as they continue to bring in the almighty Coin...or that seems to be the whole attitude of the Fiesta Community.

    I'd like to point out a few crucial, game-ending, player hated, newbie deterrent's that Gamigo should seriously focus on after the code debt is literally taken care of. Yes, I am aware that many people have said things, barked for years about it, whined and screamed and hollered, and even gone as far as to just up and quit the game. Gamigo needs to start hearing us, they need to pay more attention to WHAT it is that we point out and what "could/should" be done to rectify the situation(s).

    1. Pay to Win - This is currently being addressed by other players, but this is a serious issue. While I understand that company's need to make money to maintain their products and the likes...making content solely revolve around the cash shop is redundant and a GOOD way to push people away from your product. Adjusting the content to be more friendly to the player is much more feasible as they will elect to buy into the cash shop instead of being Heavily FORCED to buy into it thanks to the difficulty of End-Game content. This is an unacceptable process, and should be addressed asap.

    2. Enhancement Rates - Another Pay to Win factor that has literally driven the game community insane. Yes, you took steps to negate the requirement of the cash shop to a DEGREE, but it isn't enough to sate the appetite of the community that remains or maintain new comers. Look at it from our points of view...why do we need to drop upwards of $50+ per piece of equipment in the t5 range just to get ONE piece to +10/12? This is unacceptable! There are "other" games that rival fiesta that take WAYY less cash shop items to successfully enhance gears and characters out there...and no, don't go saying anything negative like "go play that game then, we don't need your negativity." Excuse me for stating the obvious here...5 or 6 pieces of armor and 4 pieces of jewelry at roughly $50 a pretty much equivalent to the amount a person would have to pay for RENT here in the states!

    ---In short, the rates need to be adjusted to the FAVOR of the player versus their current costs, as this would lessen the Pay to Win aspect of the game to a degree.

    3. Drop Rates - People have been complaining about this for years and how little rants really make the difference. Obvious solution here is to remove two zeros from the drop rates that are currently utilized. We know you all need to make money, but you have other games as well that bring in the bacon, yet you keep Cash Cowin' fiesta. This needs to stop, as there's no real rhyme or reason to do this. Fiesta is OLD, yes...but it's VERY nostalgic. Why do you have to hinder NEW players with horrific drop rates?...because the community already has a LARGE abundance of items that they can utilize? Sure about that?...3 dead servers, one active server with Nothing, I repeat, Nothing but capped players that are getting grotesquely bored. Why not listen to us for a change, and adjust the drop rates making it Very possible for new players to actually have gears to utilize? Speaking of that, shine mobs should drop +1-+3 gears to SAVE us the headaches of wasting hundreds of elrue/lix trying to get it to +3/4/5. Just saying.

    4. Class Rebalance - We all already know this isnt going to progress any further. You guys either are going to drop the changes, or negate everything you keep telling us. You claim to be transparent about this and a few other things...yet here we are, 2 server restarts later...among other snarplet add-ons that honestly weren't even requested, required, or even needed for that matter. Themed holiday events are nice, but when they aren't even worth doing?...yea nope. Class rebalance or OVER ALL balance is seriously needed and you guys keep on and on and on with other stuff that isn't even relevant to the current state of the game. We seek stability and universal playability with this game, not maining one of two classes because the others aren't viable to ANY content past a certain point in the game.

    5. Transparency - We all are VERY transparent with you about things. We tell you what we see, what we find, and what COULD/SHOULD be done with the game to better improve it FOR EVERYONE. Do you ever really take that into account? Not here lately, you're more worried about MTX's and horrific cash shop sales that honestly, make no sense...especially with the Prices you expect us to pay for static percentage increases that Do Not properly reflect our stats of equipped items. The community expects you to be upfront, honest, and concise with what it is you are doing with the product majority of us pay for in terms of the cash shop...and Those are the people you should listen to the most! Those of us who have spent Thousands on this game Since you took it over, those are the people that you should adhere to the most. What is going to happen when we literally walk away and "boycott" your cash shop? No more revenue on a daily basis...correct? We expect you to tell us what you are planning, what you intend to change no matter what, and how you intend to change/fix/remove it...and consider our suggestions!

    Coding is easy as hell, and a 12 year old can figure it out!...but would they understand the concepts of spaghetti sting'd codes? No. I've looked into the files, I've sifted through some of the AI mechanics and Holy mother of all that is ungodly...painful. Prime Example - Guardian Masters clothing drop...used to drop from legendary tree's...because there was a quest the legendary tree's had back in the day for an event that dropped a "particular clothing item" and it's code got meshed with Guardian Masters.

    When you need a directive, listen to us. Hear Us. WORK with US. We can make fiesta lively again, especially if Gamgio Really wants to keep this game rolling.

    6. Account Security - This seems to be a big issue among players right now. I've been hearing that more and more people are getting their accounts hijacked (probably for the most obvious reasons...but there are a lot of instances, where those reasons do not apply.) and have witnessed an account hijacking in action! I was partied with someone here recently, who abruptly disconnected, and instantaneously logged back on in a matter of seconds. Stood there, did nothing, up comes a "rando", trades with person and all gear was stripped, inventory wiped, and suddenly didnt understand english. SO...idk. We need stronger password capacity, not with just a numbers, upper and lower case letters style password. 2-factor authentication with even Google Authenticater would be sufficient as it's pretty much a Free service! With the authenticater being readily available to us...would prevent A LOT of hacks and account sharing, if you think about it.

    7. Item Shop Prices - I've said enough in pay to win and transparency. Enough is Enough. We seek prices worth the items actual value. You really think people want to pay 5500 for a 200 speed perm mount? They used to be worth 2850, and mounts with higher speeds used to be worth upwards of 5400, including 30 day 300 speed Pegasus' mounts...and here we are today paying for that with the "ability" to upgrade to 280 speed with specific incentives that are already outclassed by certain aspects.

    Then, there's the cosmetic over-rides. This is a real serious slap in the face. I can understand paying 4200 for a full set of items that boost Multiple stats upwards of 7-10%, but not just one as a whole. New item, looks "snazzy", lets put a mark-up on it just cause. Not cool, and kind of a slap to our faces...not to mention wallets.

    I can continue on and on and on, but you see where I am getting with this whole Wall of text.

    ~ :evil:Quite possibly one of the most Outspoken & Disliked Forum Dwellers to Date:evil:~

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  • 1. Pay to Win

    Let's focus on that since it had the most votes in the poll.

    Baby steps with gamigo, can't overload their skeleton crew.

    Give em some time and if by the next quarter it's not prioritzed more reason to bring it up.

    And that will open more eyes, as some people still have full faith in GM's and Gamigo.

    Focus on that for now.

    They can't even implement the simplest of things.

  • From the point of view for someone who works in a corporate office, unless there's a truly critical issue then business priorities aren't going to change just like that. Even one business quarter might not be enough time if they already have their sprints and budgets planned out for the year. Just saying~

  • From the point of view for someone who works in a corporate office, unless there's a truly critical issue then business priorities aren't going to change just like that. Even one business quarter might not be enough time if they already have their sprints and budgets planned out for the year. Just saying~

    It’s not like they had multiple years to fix these issues and tons of input already. Cough.

  • I was already preparing my own similar "rant?". I'll add mine here. Everything at the end of the day, leads up to money for the Fiesta team. I left Rebalance out of this, I made a whole post for that.

    Giving to the players
    Why does it feel like we can't get anything without over paying for it? I'm going to start with mount enhancing.. Why so much? You need to buy 3 mounts to get to full speed. One of the few ways to get a free upgrade was the Iron Horse but even that was removed. Lucky House crab? My RNG is awful, 97C cards is the best bet for ONE +. The free donkey mounts are so unbelievably slow and slow to cast, its hilarious.

    Not even the 100% server boosts are available anymore. Hell not even 50% boost. 20%!!!!!!! Nice job adding 30% to the dead servers tho, that will really get me going over there.

    The free weapon skins should NOT be breakable. I don't see the point of free 5k Halloween skins if they will break after a couple of dungeons... They end up sitting in my inventory all the time.

    Cap Rise
    I hate the 125+ cap rise as its targeted toward your favorite audience. The ones spending hundreds a week. I have a 120+11 blade and struggle to kill 1 monster. Why do I have to not only get a 125 BOSS weapon or 120 Legendary, but enhance it?? I'm lucky I got a 120+10 set, but they still hurt. Still to this day, you are working on the addition off the other half of the cap rise you guys said yourselves you left out. That's 2+ years later.

    Legendary Weapons
    What is UP with legendary weapons??? I can tell it was just a cash grab.. Maybe you did do it for the players.. not everybody wants to raid. But why did you make a weapon that goes WAY BEYOND raid weapon's damage?? You get them by joining Arena KQs every whatever hours (4?) and you +7 two weapons, which btw take as long to +11 a regular weapon as to +7 an arena wep. Now make THAT weapon +12. For comparison, a 110 legendary does a wee bit less damage than a 114 KAREN weapon. Thanks for killing raids below 125 cause everybody can sit in level 60 KQs now for 115 weps. To try and fix this issue, you can at least lower the bonus the weapons give for enhancing.

    You can tell it was such a desperate cash grab, cause at the end of the day you make more money off of people raiding, but we don't have to anymore.

    Cash Shop
    Lucky Boxes... not even going to mention the scam that is class specific boxes. 5$ gets you 2 tries. 10$ gets you 5 tries. Half the items the LB give aren't even worth that much. But say you are lucky enough to get the jackpot (if you get the right skin) now you have a bonus 20% damage!!!! P2W? Yes. But what do you care? A couple of people buy em... A couple people fall for the trap.. why would you care?

    30 day outfits... Lets release a couple of over stated to hell items BUT DON'T WORRY, its limited time!!! Who cares? The P2W players buy 12 when it goes on sale and they are set for a year, you sell these broken items each month anyway. Not to mention their price every 30 days.

    The Disconnection with players
    What happened when people were logging in only for 30 minutes for raids? They requested 1 hour charms instead of paying for 2 hours.. Lets give them 4 hours!!! What happened later? Brain blast! Lets let them stack two 50%!! Better yet balance gameplay around 100%. 70% was already pricey and strong, thanks for the 100%.

    I wont forget the road map everybody was looking forward to. The one with attendance rework and mailbox being priority...

    Why did we all write this? Probably for a Community Manager to look at and maybe if they feel like it, send it and then another MAYBE for an actual dev team to look at. The CMs are most probably here for the same reason support teams are at any other company, to be the face the community get to yell at. Will you tell us otherwise? Probably.. but I don't see it in action so I wont believe it.

    133 Templar (135 Goal)

    120 Spec
    115 Knight
    115 Ranger
    115 Warlock
    115 Crusader

    115 Holy Knight
    109 Sharpshooter (135 Goal)
    105 Wizard

    101 Glad (105/110 Goal)
    69 Reaper (105/110 Goal)

    80 Guardian (105 Goal)

  • Lol did they just remove my post about their premium item hypocrasy?! And how they refuse to fix easy issues that should have been fixed long ago despite all the community input.

    like making enchant bundles account bound and stones level neutral. Despite 5 post complaining about it.

    It’s a disgrace GM’s dare to even make such posts or support them.

    They probably removed it again...

    Gamigo seems to be going to ban or silence me again and others...

    Sigh, will they ever learn that these people on here pay them?! It’s not gamigo who should make the rules...

    It’s us the customer. And gamigo is only showing their bias and inability to listen or take criticism fr their custommers.

    That’s not how you run a company.

    no wonder we got 1 server left...

  • Seems I'm not the only one with Stones on em...

    While it's true that Gamigo will NOT really doesnt matter.

    They just need to make Isya the global server, and remove the others. The upkeep alone on those two other servers NO ONE ever played on is whats killing their pockets. Yes, I know there are people that play on Enid and Jeni...and now not even Pagel... (Troll Face)

    Once they merge the servers to Isya, and then create a HARD MODE server, then perhaps people will literally come back to play this game.

    Think about it...Everyone on ONE server.

    New server is Hard Mode...Basically every mob is a shine, and dungeon mob and bosses are already HM'd. Raids become TOUGHER.

    Leveling curve remains the same.

    EXP Rates are equal to Shines current rates. Shiny mobs x3 stats x3 exp

    NPC's do NOT sell materials.

    "Extra" drops from Shine mobs removed and replaced with partial to full stacks of readily available materials FOR that leveling range.

    Lucky House Disabled

    Cash Shop Limited to Mounts, extenders, houses and charms

    Challenge accepted? LOL

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  • They can easily merge Pagel into Isya by updating the character selection screen and making it 12 characters instead of 6. Next is grab storage from Pagel onto highest character like they did before. Last is names, they can prioritize player names on Isya and make Pagel change, but nobody would like that; They got to make an algorithm to see who keeps their name.

    Im not so sure about the hardmode server.. Making another Enid server wouldn't really be beneficial. But some of the changes can be made differently, like Unstackable charms. Ofc monsters can be nerfed accordingly but i think it would improve the game a lot. Also remove LH pls

    133 Templar (135 Goal)

    120 Spec
    115 Knight
    115 Ranger
    115 Warlock
    115 Crusader

    115 Holy Knight
    109 Sharpshooter (135 Goal)
    105 Wizard

    101 Glad (105/110 Goal)
    69 Reaper (105/110 Goal)

    80 Guardian (105 Goal)

  • Gamigo will use the old chestnut about how the population fell after they conducted the server merge.

    Growth to begin with followed by rapid decline. They therefore draw to the ‘wise’ conclusions the server merge was the factor for the population going down.

    As players we know this wasn’t the case. Failure of regular good updates to the game & designer packs were the driving force behind the player base leaving a lot of them got tired of being told ‘soon’. Followed by the 1hour flash sale server transfer item which ruined pagel.

    Yes, they should 100% merge the server into one or at least sell the server transfer item.

    As a player I sometimes feel gamigo does not respect my time.

  • I'll add a little to this, though I'm actually from the German Version, our issues over there are mostly the same.

    First of all Pay to Win has been an issue since I started that game, back when OnsOn still owned Fiesta, they claimed, that they would actually do something about it. And then the 135 cap came ... Terrible thing, I guess they know for themselves how much they messed up, since a few hotfixes here and there were out rather quickly. But still, this content is absolutely unplayable for me. I think it's ok if we can buy stuff to get certain advantages, but the content should be playable without, when there is a proper group.

    The account sharing issue could be fixed rather easily, just rework the exp system - it's been a rumour going around since I started playing, which was 6 or 7 years ago, that there will be a rework soon. Well, didn't really happen, I guess. But not punishing players for grouping up, but instead maybe even rewarding them, just by a 1% exp gain, would be something for a start. Just giving 1% additional exp, per member of a group is just enough to make a player feel positive about taking someone in, and not enough, to make it worth to intentionally log in multiple accounts for the boost. Cap it at 5% so the system doesn't get abused with expedition groups. Currently the only reward you get for taking additional members in your group, is that they won't steal your mobs for it, but might steal your drops, which is another point. Just make questdrops not available for the whole group. It would be a rather easy fix, to check which quests tend to be kept, in order to enhance the droprate, I don't know the english names for the common quests so I won't name any here. But changing most of the drop quests to kill quests was a good step, but it wasn't enough. Raise the exp for the affected quests, so players don't feel punished at this point. And take away the possibility to drop for others. Of course the drops shouldn't fall only for the person who killed the mob, but randomly for a member of the group with the quest, same goes for herbs, mushrooms etc. it already works with a certain type of group bug, so it should be possible to make it a feature instead of a bug. That way you would cut down a ton of account sharing and therefore reduce the number of "hacks". Pair it with two factor authentication as already suggested and suddenly your support has a lot less to worry about.

    I won't get started on the cash shop fails that continue to amaze me, but I've got an overall suggestion: Adapt to a changing world. Update your info on marketing, to rework the cash shop, and update your knowledge on gamedesign and related psychology, maybe even anthropology. This game is cut for an asian audience ten years ago. But your players are europeans and americans today in the age of about 20 to 55 - yes there are a bunch of younger and older players, but I'm talking about the majority here, which is based on my observation over the years, on the german servers, not really representative for all four versions, but I since I saw your survey I guess your office has never seen a social scientist, so my guess might be the most professional you'll get. And there are quite obvious reasons, why this game applies to this particular set of people, but I won't go into that any further at this point. Just realize that your target group is not static, they are human beings in a changing world. Just start doing your homework.

  • drop rate must thing annoying in this game

    we using charm+ext+ drop rate (30day)

    just to get nothing :)

    Enhancement Rates we can broke the game if ppl stop paid for this game
    but like i see there alot of ........ (put what u want from word) do that so we cant do anything
    if they dont want do something about that at least make price 1/2

  • Gamigo is skeleton staff on this game because it has negative growth and is barely profitable if at all.

    Making it less pay to win would make it even less profitable with only the hope that growth comes back (which it won't) to make it worthwhile 1, 2 or 3+ years in the future.

    If it starts to lose money (if it hasn't started already), they will either revert changes or will go into cost control. Cost control = worse/less servers or people losing jobs. It might mean they scrap the game altogether.

    For some people, this is a game, but for others, it's real life. They won't/can't make any decisions that would put that at risk.

  • This is something they have to thank fully to themselves bending their custommers over at any possible moment until most of them quit.

    With horendous management blunders and incompetence being their key components of managing this game into the depths of failure.

    I love these people talking about how they would make less profit and forget that tons of people quit because of the decisions and pay to win enforced by gamigo.

    They have bugs in this game that are easy to fix in a few minuts that have been in the game for years.

    People telling them literally how to fix stuff and bring new players or cash in yet they ignore them.

    Whole ticket system is a joke pissing of many players.

    No need to feel bad about gamigo employees, most of them are actively searching for other jobs ( glassdoor )

    And doing nothing will only make this game die even quicker as people leave daily and this game has like one server left on the brink of death.

    they never invested much in this game anyway do not worry...

    Companies die if they treat there custommers like seahorsecrep....

    can’t keep upping the prices forever.

    If everybody leaves, who will they force their daily sales upon or horrid new pay to win features no one asked for.

    keep in mind if f2p players like me leave aswell this also has a massive impact as we buy from slime coin sellers in game or perform importnant services and other stuff.

    Stuff that contributes often just as much as whales.

    No whale can show of their fancy pay to win in a dead game.

    Who is going to sell the cheap stuffs like scrolls we use daily?

    People need to understand f2p players contribute often times just as much as whales but in other ways.

    Cut it out with that crep.

    Many people don’t buy because of the ridiculous prices including myself. Theres more then enough demand to cover up for lower prices.

    no need to force the burden onto whales any more since they already quitting by the dozens

    some people on here have no clue how economics work or how to run a business just like gamigo

    who ran this game into oblivion but refuses to make changes despite 1 server hanging on for dear life.

  • i will drop my suggestion to make the game less pay to win. Lower the price of bundles, and then make them all tradable! NO DONT increase the price cause its tradable now, why would you do that??

    Making it always tradable makes people who charge a lot buy more and sell to the people, making it cheaper makes it more affordable to people who charge and people who buy in game.

    133 Templar (135 Goal)

    120 Spec
    115 Knight
    115 Ranger
    115 Warlock
    115 Crusader

    115 Holy Knight
    109 Sharpshooter (135 Goal)
    105 Wizard

    101 Glad (105/110 Goal)
    69 Reaper (105/110 Goal)

    80 Guardian (105 Goal)

  • Most of these ideas have been suggested for years lol. And most will never happen. They don't know how to listen to their playerbase. Even if you suggest something little that could benefit the game, it'll just be ignored anyway. :D


    。.。:∞♡*♥ 115 Wiz - 135 SS - 135 Guard - 135 WL - 135 Glad - 135 HK ♥*♡∞:。.。

    looking for sc bonus...

  • I have the ultimate suggestion...

    $59.99 USD 7 day subscription for the following...

    Unlimited 20% charm effect

    999 HP SP stones that cost 1 copper to replenish all

    200% Extended HP/SP/LP

    Malephar Mount 320 Speed (has unicorn's boosts) - Permanent

    100% Success rate on enhancements (Enhanced item becomes ACCOUNT BOUND)

    50% off ALL cash shop items

    200% War Rant effect

    Complete Invisible Suit (We can't see you're there at all...not even your head, just a floating weapon/shield and name tag) which increases all stats by 1000

    Yea...that will do it.

    Whales be happy. You get richer for spending your weeks Gas Money :D;(:D;(

    Ok so anyway...enough of my trolling roll.

    Gamigo needs to literally host a Q&A on Twitch Prime, and hear us OUT...and understand that we're sick and tired of being ignored. Pretty sure their backing investors are also getting tired of losing money trying to keep their other products aloft as well. Pretty sure a lot of their games aren't/weren't successful either. Fiesta used to be HUGELY popular back in the late 2000's...then 105 cap dropped and it was HIGHLY evident that P2W was the primary focus of OOS and OS...thus rolls out the 110 cap, SSDD. Then 115, and here we are today, SSDD again.

    Content seems to be balanced around the OLD korean stats of the game, and it can be clearly observed in the preserved files of the 2009 edition of Fiesta before the 105 cap went live.

    If our cap is to go to 140/150 shortly, it will be utterly ZERO DAY dead content on drop and pretty sure everyone will walk away, leaving Isya a ghost server.

    Roumen, Elderline, Sand Hill, Uruga, and Alberstol Ruins used to be FLOODED with vendors, afkers, and parties every which way you looked, now you're lucky to even see people standing outside in Roumen, Eld is slowly becoming a ghost town, AR is literally DEAD, and shocker...Adelia and Bera are ghost towns too. Not sure about the other maps, haven't bothered to move on with the game since i'm not spending my month's rent on +10'n everything and rocking out full DMG or DEF SC items while 100% charmed every time I wanna play. I'd rather go spend that money on things that matter and I know I'll get the Bang for those bucks spent.

    Wise up please Gamigo...your customer base is bleeding out and you guys claim to love this game too right?

    Well, PROVE IT.

    ~ :evil:Quite possibly one of the most Outspoken & Disliked Forum Dwellers to Date:evil:~

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  • Well if you read the quarter term reports you can clearly see Gamigo is not in it to deliver a good game or keep this game for the long run.

    Terms like: organic revenue growth is what they focused on in previous quarter. And they talk about lifespan of +-10 year.

    For people who still believe in gamigo they should read those boring reports.

    You can also read a lot on glassdoor about the amazing company ... lol

    There are even sites dedicated to all the promises broken and all the nasty things gamigo did.

    Gamigo can say what they want ban me and silence me for exposing thier shitty agenda wich they and honeyteddy repeatedly did for weeks sometimes.

    But people here are way to sheepish they are easyer to please than a todler getting candy.
    GM’s also contribute to the shitty management by supporting without critical thinking while throwing legit honest players overboard, labeling them as trolls or silencing banning and removing many posts.

    Nothing is going to change as long as people keep defending gamigo for their shitty management on here and they are not held accountable.

    We should give a clear sign to gamigo that this is unacceptable and the whales should support this because they are going to be hit the hardest eventually.

    I will only lose some time and 50 bucks I used on some prenerf gears.

    Whales will lose 1000s of euros when this game dies... They will be hit the hardest, not the average jou.

    And you can push me away as a troll but go to roumen or any other map and see for yourself. Every day there are less schrooms.

    Time to wake up... time for gamigo to stop playing minecraft and using their whole revenue to make more cash shop or promote cash shop items.

    Gamigo will eventually go bankrupt if they keep up this course with their games. Eventually no one will trust them anymore

    Time for them to act like a real company and take real decisions focusing on the future instead milking games to death as quick as possible.

    Organic revenue growth is going to turn in an organic bankrupcy.

    There will not be any growth if you milk every game to literal death.

    And that is seperate from the horrible management and custommer support, the GM’s that support gamigo instead of the community they are supposed to represent... falsely banning people and many other atrocious acts including the support of loot boxes.

    Or gambling for kids wich they claim is so importnant as they want to be childfriendly. Yet they promote literal gambling in game for example lucky house and the enchantment system.

    Wake up gamigo, fix your company. And wake up GM’s stop being mindless sheep you should represent the player not gamigo.

    The post was edited 1 time, last by HoneyTeddy: Seriously? Legit? Who are you to assume what I've done or am supposed to do XD. You don't know what's happening. Stop thinking I have something against you, I don't. I don't care who you are. Why do you think your posts leads to warnings while other commenters have no action? Please use your head XD No one else is being banned for saying Gamigo is inadept, and you're clearly not the only one who thinks that. Learn how to write English respectfully and we'll all be good. ().

  • You are so right,respect for your criticism:):thumbup: