Is Siren's Castles HC glitched?

  • Hello guys :)

    So lately I've been farming Siren's Castle hc and every single drop i get its +0,

    Is it glitched or it's meant to be this way now ?

    I don't know if all the hard core instance are like that, but can garante for sure that no enhanced drops coming from Siren's Castle.

    Does anyone have the answer ? Thanks.

  • I am farming on the Isya server. I have a char perma 120 just for that, so I can tell you that it started right after the introduction of the Shiny monsters in the game. I looked for other people who also do Siren's Castle and they reported the same problem.

  • Complementing ...

    After several tests, done by me and others, it was observed that HC's dungeons are not dropping enchanted items,

    In these tests, the dungeons Dragon's Tomb (HERO), Leviathan Nest (HERO) and Siren's Castle (HERO) were evaluated,

    .... Thank you for your attention.