Disconected from the world server.

  • Hello Isyans,

    I came today to ask for help about an issue I've been encountring a lot.

    When I'm playing the game normaly, I only get disconected rarely... But whenever I'm AFK vending, After few minutes, I get disconected from the server. I'm having trouble selling my items because of it. I hope someone helps me. Thanks in advance. :):)

  • You didn't say where you were vending but this game has issues with towns, have you tried using shift+z to hide the other players and vendors while you vend?

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  • Hi, It happens in both Uruga and Elderine. I never tried the shift+z thing. Can you explain why it could be useful? Thanks alot for your participation! :D

  • I don't usually lag when near vendors, I sometimes stay in uruga for long times without disconnects. But I will try ur approach, thanks a lot for ur help ! ^^^^

  • Hi, I tried the shift Z method but I still disconnected after less than 5 minutes of being afk. I hope there is something else I can try in order to fix this issue! thanks

  • Do you sit there and watch it? When does it dc? I know you said less than 5 minutes, but is there any warning you notice that makes you think it just DCed? I know some computers will hibernate the hard drive or even the internet to save energy.

  • To be honest it could be caused by a number of things, one other thing I could suggest if shift+z doesn't reduce the DCs would be completely restarting your fiesta client/computer before vending (some people say it makes no difference but I find the memory leak issue can affect computer performance and cause me to DC).

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  • Have you tried being not afk on your computer while your vendor is in the background? Does this help? Have you checked your computer battery settings to set it to not hibernate? Some computers automatically sleep when you leave it for a few minutes.

    Disconnections from the internet could be a problem with your connection in general, in which case you can't do much. You might get results with switching to cable instead of using wifi, upgrading your modem or using a VPN.

    Or it could be a memory leak/CPU issues, or a bad file reading error.

  • Everything that has been said here is true to its nature.

    I have the issues myself from time to time...especially if I let a screen saver operate, or i let something do a scan in the background, or its more advanced cpu issues.

    Biggest issue is Keep-Alive, Client to Server communication, and your systems settings and performance settings.

    There could be a lot of other issues, but the most common one is the memory leakage, Keep-Alive, and system settings.

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