Recruitment for Fiesta Online (NA) Moderators

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    We are currently recruiting volunteer Moderators to maintain the peace and bring entertainment to the forums of Fiesta Online. As a Mod, you need to be willing to spend your free time to concentrate on building your forum presence by answering questions, monitoring and moderating the forums, helping players with questions, as well as creating fun forum events. These areas provide ample opportunity to create events, answer player questions, forward feedback between the team and the community, help solve conflicts, and much more.

    The Moderator team takes great pride in their work and believes strongly in the potential of the game and its community.


    • Make sure that the Game rules, the forum rules and TOS are being respected
    • Communicate and interact with players in-game and on the forums
    • Help players with gameplay questions and technical issues – forwarding threads/ideas to the appropriate outlet
    • Resolve player conflicts
    • Plan, organize and host events
    • Report and compile player suggestions or bugs to the appropriate team
    • Most of all: Have fun, be respectful and be kind


    • Must be of legal age
    • Must be fluent in the English language
    • Must be able to remain professional in any situation
    • Must have good social skills
    • Must possess distinguished knowledge of the game, the forums and the rules
    • Must have the ability to take constructive criticism
    • Must be able to work individually as well as with others on the team
    • Must be willing to spend at least 1-2 hours daily for GM tasks
    • Must have enthusiasm for the game, community and the position
    • Must be willing to be trained in order to learn the ins and outs of being a GM
    • Bonus: having previous experience in the same/similar position

    If you meet these requirements, feel free to open a ticket on our support page and send your application, including the following information, to us:

    • Full name
    • Age and Date of Birth
    • Ingame names (main character names, server and level)
    • Forum name
    • Previous experience(s) in a similar position
    • Optional: References (professional, not personal)
    • Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    • What makes you stand out?

    Thank you for showing interest in joining the Moderator Team. Candidates that stand out will be contacted for further discussion. As a volunteer, moderator positions are at-will, and either side can choose to leave the agreement at any time.

    (Note: If you do decide to apply, please refrain from telling other friends, players, even current team members about your application as that could forfeit your application and any chance of becoming a Mod. )

    Good luck,

    ~Your Fiesta Online team