Faild refining a weapon

  • Hello Isyans,

    I bought a +8 bow, and when trying to upgrade it ( with a Lucky Xir and Blue Red and Gold nines ) the little thingy keeps rolling and rolling and then nothing happens. I don't lose the Xir nor the Nines, but the refining doesn't happen. I tried logging off and on but nothing changed. I would like to have some help with it please. :) :) :) :)

  • It's not the weapon, you have to use a level 80+ character to enhance with tier 4 stones, it should show a line of text in red on the xir. Once you can use the stone you can enhance any level of T4 gear.

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  • I have stated multiple times how gamigo should make stones level neutral and how that does not make sense because for example there are lvl 80 orange t5 jewels that someone would need a level 100 for to enchant. The whole thing should have been fixed long ago and only shows how incompetent and unwilling to fix basic easy to fix issues gamigo is. This is like what, the fifth post?

  • Ok thank you for the information. I do agree with F2PWhale on his point. Why is there a level limit on upgrades? There is no reason for it. What if a new player wanted to refine items and sell them to make money? You're denying him in game money and denying ur company irl money... Please consider changing this.