Mystery Vault Rewards Guide

  • Mystery Vault;

    Level 15 (Damaged Mystery Vault)
    15.png + Level 10 weapon of your class

    Level 22 (Chipped Mystery Vault)
    22.png + Level 15 weapon of your class

    Level 30 (Inferior Mystery Vault)

    30.png + Level 20 weapon of your class

    Level 37 (Ordinary Mystery Vault)

    Level 45 (Polished Mystery Vault)

    45.png + Level 30 weapon of your class

    Level 52 (Flawless Mystery Vault)

    Level 60 (Perfect Mystery Vault)
    60.jpg + Level 40 weapon of your class

    Level 67 (Pure Mystery Vault)
    67.jpg + Level 50 weapon of your class

    Level 75 (Absolute Mystery Vault)
    75.jpg + Level 60 weapon of your class

    Level 82 (Blessed Mystery Vault)

    Level 90 (Enchanted Mystery Vault)

    Level 97 (Brilliant Mystery Vault)

    Level 105 (Colossal Mystery Vault)

    Level 112 (Ultimate Mystery Vault)

    Level 120 (Eternal Mystery Vault)

    Level 127 (Ethereal Mystery Vault)


    Level 135 (Celestial Mystery Vault)

    ** Charms(Strength/Defense/Mighty), Location Move Scrolls and Tear of Legels have 10 units each.

  • Always getting weapons after finishing the level range I see...

    lv10 weapon at lv15

    lv15 weapon at lv22

    lv20 weapon at lv30

    lv30 weapon at lv45

    lv40 weapon at lv60

    lv50 weapon at lv67

    lv60 weapon at lv75

    Very genius indeed.

  • Yeah, I've never understood that part of this game. Even with other areas, like KQs, of the game and getting weapons/gear after the level range. whistlehoney

  • We used to open the vaults at other levels that was appropriate for the rewards, but they changed the levels and left the rewards the same. So now you get trash that you have no use for. The weapons were never that great anyway, but they were still better than nothing.