Auriant Fiesta-FanArts ♥

  • Yo ~ I'm a professional lurker and a lover of this old game.
    Fiesta Online was one of my first mmos that really got me into the fantasy genre. I've been in a bad art slump this year and

    the best way to remedy that is to draw things you love!

    I'm also trying to improve in drawing armor and weapons so I need to practice lolol

    My goal is to at least one fanart a month

    Anyway! To celebrate the holiday season , here's some art of the Toy Soldier costume ♥
    Happy Holidays 💖

    I really want to do the Winter Soldier but can't get a clear referenceee 😩





    ayyy happy new year ♥

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  • Cute!


    。.。:∞♡*♥ 115 Wiz - 135 SS - 135 Guard - 135 WL - 135 Glad - 135 HK ♥*♡∞:。.。

    looking for sc bonus...