Looking for guild

  • Hey guys returning player here looking for guild..

    I used to play in Teva server I have a tank sitting at 105 for raids and a mage at 88 for DT stuff as well, I vaguely remember tanking lab a few times before I quit lol

    Logged into the game a couple days ago and have no idea whats going on as its been years !! (Also all my skill bars got reset ... )

    Hit me up in game or reply here!

    (Tank 105 is CrimsonCascade

    (Mage 88 Moonlights_Rose

  • You could try BandOfTheHawk, we are oldest guild of game alive, 2008+. Bunch of veterans, farming dungeons like DDF (105-120), DQ, TOG (130+) pretty often, both in NA and EU time zones (19.00+ and 4.00+ server time).

    We looking for 105+ raiders, specifically interested in 120 and 135s, we have great rewarding system for devoted, organised and skilled players. Active and usefull members get geared within 1 month and after that start earning gears for sale, thus making money.
    We also interested in GT players, and reward high performing ones with gt rings which they also can sell.

    In general, if you are serious devoted player who seeks to do speed runs/raids and learn/develop, consider us, because we even offer charms and rants support for top raiders.


    One of oldest veterans of game, 2008+.
    Leader of oldest guild alive in game, BandOfTheHawk (2008+).
    Godliest free players alive, 0$ invested.

    Almost full cards collection.
    Author of numerous challenging videos and speed raids, top scorer of many GTs.
    Husband of a goddess.
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    And what did YOU achieve?

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