Sharpshooter or Warlock

  • Hey everyone I have been searching for some info but its not very clear and some is outdated so I wanted to ask here

    What are the pros and cons for Sharpshooters and Warlocks

    Cuz I want to be one of those classes to be my main and I only want 1 char

    Sharpshooter because I like bows and range dd, fast single target, aoe

    and Warlocks because I like bird and range dd, aoes

    Things I like to know is like

    What class is better/easier/cost less money to:

    - Level

    - Raids

    - Get good gear

    - Things to do in mid end game

    - PvP

    - Better for in party

    - Better for solo

    - Farm

    I mostly like playing with people in partys and I think warlock would be better for that because good aoe but mages are squishy and if I need to do some solo or farm some SS would be easier I guess,

    Also Raids when you need to kill a single target I think SS would be better because fast single target damage while warlocks do aoe but have do spam magic blast which is kinda annoying

    I hope you can help and sum up some pros and cons of both classes so I can decide

  • choose archer if u r on a low budget and plan on going mostly solo

    choose mage if u got money to spend and/or play in a group

    But if u plan on playing at 135 then archer is probably the better choice because it actually has somewhat of a use in instances/raids. Mages, apart from leveling/helping & pvp is pretty much useless at 135.

  • all of that works for archers if you want Sharpshooters their rather easy to get now on isya as well. the Ranger's are higher prices from the isya "market" and warlock would be rather expensive in SC. just because their squishy cannons.

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