How Aim Talisman will kill the game

  • well there is plenty rumors about the soon to be obtained by everyone talisman. people who can read between the code already found out that the talisman will have around following enhanced stats:

    def/mdef talisman: 500 (+1700) DEF

    aim talisman: 300 (+1200) Aim !!!

    dmg/mdmg talisman (didn't hear about that but i assume around as much as def)

    1. Where is the balance in that?

    on 135 the average def between all classes should be around 26K -> def talisman gives around 8% advantage

    on 135 the average aim between all classes is around 5K -> aim talisman gives round !!30%!! advantage

    on 135 the average dmg/mdmg between all classes(hard to guess) should be around 80K ->dmg talisman gives round 3% advantage

    arent the talisman meant to counter each other? the way described above the dmg and def talisman give a minor advantage while the aim talisman is a game changer

    2. Finally killing all classes but Glad, Warlock and Wizard

    in this forum there was such an uproar about glads being broken already and way to op, even tho 80% of the players main glad

    So... whats glads !!!ONLY!!! weakness? Their aim!

    well now that problem is gone: with aim talisman even ungeared glads will hit around 6.3K aim so literally there is no reason anymore to play anything but glad

    same goes for the 2nd and 3rd most played classes: Warlock and Wizard

    lets be honest here, nobody cares about them in PVE, but in PVP they are straight out OP: they can render about 3 people perm useless with their debuffs already

    also nothing can tank a fear->icefield by a warlock UNLESS u have very good evasion.

    well now that's irrelevant too: warlocks (with their already idiotic aim buff) will hit up to 7K aim and wizards wont miss anymore with 6K aim aswell

    LITERALLY no other class but glad/warlock/wiz (the most played classes already) would ever claim 'eva is broken' or that u need an aim talisman

    To summarize this point:

    Certain classes are supposed to miss, others aren't. there is a balance in this game between Dmg/aim (for example between glad/knight ; SS/ranger etc)

    rendering eva useless will completely throw this over and in 3 month there will be nothing but glad/wiz/warlock (can quote me on that, i have several friends quitting their class already)

    3. Screwing over your best customers

    This should've slipped through your mind earlier gamigo. All the players that invested into their char and got good aim/eva gears are getting heavily scammed by this talisman.

    since from now on you need neither AIM nor EVA on your gear. just put on aim talisman everybody and no one will ever miss again.

    the people who say 'Evasion is so broken' are those who didn't gear their char well. I have seen glads with 6.5K aim and 6K eva and u better be sure those spent a lot of money to get there.

    all that money is wasted now due to u listening to people who aren't even your prime customers.

    My advice is: - either introduce a Eva talisman to counter it

    - level it out with the other talisman (so u have a serious disadvantage if u use aim talisman)

    - nerv the aim talisman to around 100 (+300) Aim

  • 135 Cap Evasion is broken...? the game died (pvp specifically) because of it, lul.

    Doing this brings more skillbase into the game.

  • surprise surprise, the first poorly geared glad starting to hate

    pvp was never more alive before, u can actually see like 20% other classes then glad wl and wiz

  • Glads can get a maximum of 7k-7.5k eva (with all eva sc) and 6.5k aim (with all aim sc) with the best gears/sc possible.

    1.5k difference ? like I said it's broken, only person defending you would be some trash eva based glads that can't do anything without it :)?

  • yea funny u mention glad, did u know that its supposed to miss?

    thats to even out its other strenghts (wich are basically everything)

    so now ur complaining about the 1 thing ur class isnt the best at?

    deal with it, u wont ever find a knight complaining about eva, cus thats the fighter class with higher aim but other disadvantages

    as mentioned above the advantage u obtain from def talisman is minor compared to the huge amount of aim

    also u need to add that aim beats eva on high stat meaning 6.5k aim wont miss on 7k eva

  • because they have been fooled by ppl like u, literally most players in the game are gladiators with mediocre gears crying if they miss once (on their poor gears wich cost them 5 hammers each) even tho they have far more dmg then any other class and still the 2nd best def

    the reason i made this post is that im scared the diversity in the game will completely faint (if its not yet already)

    also i think ur arguments misplaced in here u might want to make a different thread to nerv glads eva

  • the moment they're out and people got them the complains will start if they change it, also then its to late to make an eva talisman

    it has already started ik a ranger and a reaper selling their set to make warlocks

  • the dex system is old and a terrible system at that

    Storm troopers shooting you at point blank is a better system than that

    BUFF pre-level 110 CRUSADERS PLOX
    The Crusade

  • I agree on this 1500 would be by far to much

    i play a cap ranger wich is already only useful in pvp and now its supposed to get nerved even more?

    not like a simple cleric buff makes it impossible to kill for rangers already

    the reason eva is broken is the reaper buff against aoes working against all attacks, fix that

    Devs should make the dex talismen generally for pvp so make it 6xx aim 3xx eva or sum

  • I could get behind a aim talisman that caps at like 500 aim. 1500 is absurd. Yes right now the curve slightly leans towards eva. But 1500 aim just makes the aim curve completely dominant. Keep in mind these talis work from level 120 too. A level 120 has no business having potentially 6k aim.

  • Glads can get a maximum of 7k-7.5k eva (with all eva sc) and 6.5k aim (with all aim sc) with the best gears/sc possible.

    1.5k difference ? like I said it's broken, only person defending you would be some trash eva based glads that can't do anything without it :)?

    Actually Glads can get over 7k Aim without an aim talisman no problem, but that doesn't really matter. Glads don't deserve to hit evasive classes so easily to begin with. Aim talisman just nerfs archers and spectres (not reapers due to cruel claw debuff, but if they ever changed that as well, then they too would be affected by this) for no reason whatsoever. This either needs an evasion talisman or a nerf of the aim talisman.

  • What? An ungeared glad will NOT have 4.8k aim as you implied LMAO. Also, 7k aim for glads isn't easy at all. You need 3 DQ red pieces and/or aim sc/scrolls. People overestimate their base aim. It's why decent HP/aim glad gears are still expensive. While 1.5k aim is huge, talisman itself is not the main problem. Glads will typically lose against all classes that use eva (archers and trix) in 1v1, assuming equal quality of gears, but leg s/s, overloading on defense SC enable glads to tank the burst/dots/kites. This is why they should've prioritized class rebalance first before adding in a new item.