Raid scoreboard in eld requires rework.

  • Okay so main question is, why do you use DMG instead of DPM for evaluation of raiders?

    DMG doesnt tell much without time attached to it, player can solo dungeon slowly just to get max dmg, but that will be ineffective raid and wont mean that player is skilled.
    DPM is objective indicator used for real evaluation in mmorpgs, DMG divided by TIME.

    I even made small guide of one old raid to demonstrate:

    One of oldest veterans of game, 2008+.
    Leader of oldest guild alive in game, BandOfTheHawk (2008+).
    Godliest free players alive, 0$ invested.

    Almost full cards collection.
    Author of numerous challenging videos and speed raids, top scorer of many GTs.
    Husband of a goddess.
    Facebook, Youtube, Site.... Find them on your own.


    And what did YOU achieve?

    About time to answer that question.

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