"Imprisoned in the Restricted Area' for no reason

  • Title says it all xD So I decided to level to 20 on Isya so that I can participate in some old KQs and sweep up some of the nostalgia, not realising that Mara KQ is glitched. I logged off and logged back in, and now I'm trapped here. Yikes. What's happening to the game? Someone please send help...


  • I did not realise that the counter only went down when I am logged in to the character

    Is there anyway to recover the time I lost with my 1 day costume? This has been using up my costume time.

    Furthermore, how do I send in a ticket?

  • 2 days ago I was doing MD HC on Pagel and a character of mine got into jail. That I have no problems with, but when the 2 hours was up I saw my character getting out of jail and into Roumen. The next day, 18.12.19, when logging that character back in I found that it was back in jail.

    I tried to make an account with GLYPH, I registered, but when trying to log in I get an error saying there is something wrong with either my email or password. I know I have written them both correctly. So that means I am not able to send any ticked because I can not get onto that page.

    Also today I find my character in jail.

    Where are the GM's that supposedly should be checking the message board? in general - where are the GM's, on Pagel it is a rare sight seeing a GM. Why?

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  • Fiesta is a non-Glyph account. So... I don't think you need a GLYPH account. Just go to this link and click on

    Ya should be able to fill in your information without the need of a Glyph Account.

  • This guide should tell you everything you need to know about how to submit a ticket :) :

    [FAQ] How to Write a ticket to support

    I reply forums frequently when I am around. We currently have 2 GMs, I was away on holiday, [SGM]Kuroneko still comes on Pagel at least 3 times a month for events, and occasional Q&A. Perhaps your timezone doesn't match up to ours :/