Interface change allowed?

  • Maintenance_FR-EN.png

    • The christmas interface will be applied to the game. Make sure to save your current one before tomorrows maintenance.

    Does this mean its allowed to save the Fiesta interfaces and use them again when the standard interface returns? Cuz I like the christmas and halloween interface and I would like to have them all the time :P

  • Heyo,

    Players are allowed to edit the interface file so feel free to save the Christmas or Halloween interface and use it year round slimehaha

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  • Well technically interface=graphics/textures which are stored at YOUR pc. If developer doesnt want some specific files to be edited/replaced he adds checking feature upon login/client startup.
    Quite sure that they cant legally forbid to replace files at YOUR OWN pc, so generaly speaking u can edit suits/interfaces to your liking as long as it doesnt create issues/crashes client.

    Feel free to correct me if this is wrong, but thats how it is with other games.

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