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    Item Name Bonus Duration Coins
    [Pickup] Mini Penguin +7 to Stats, PickUp 7 Days 8
    [Pickup] Polar the Bear +7 to Stats, PickUp 7 Days 8
    Penguin Suit 5% Defense 7 Days 12
    Red Santa Suit 7% Critical 7 Days 12
    Aether the Stag Speed 260 7 Days 12
    Frostbite the Stag Speed 260 7 Days 12
    Red Santa Hat 3% Critical 7 Days 6
    Penguin Head 5% Critical 7 Days 6
    Christmas Pyramid +5 vending slots, quicker regen 7 Days 8
    Wintertide Weapon Skins [25k Durability] Statless Permanent 15

    Daily Quest detail:

    Road to Victory!

    Starting NPC: Winterming, Jr. (Ski Tournament Arena field)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Winterming, Jr. (Ski Tournament Arena field)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 100 Coppers, 1 Commemorative Christmas Coin

    Note: The NPC Winterming, Jr. is located located at the bottom of the map in the Ski Tournament Arena field (the gate is in the centre of Elderine near Shutian) however the quest can be picked up automatically from the quest list but it needs to be turned in by talking with the Npc.

    You don't need to join the race to turn in the quest, simply go at the bottom of the map and talk with Winterming, Jr.

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  • is there a problem with the entrance to the race gate event? a friend received a runtime error when trying to enter it.

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  • did some of the stamps not go through? I sat there for hours and it showed up for 12/13/19 but when I relogged in earlier on 12/14/19, two of my characters weren't on the stamp collection (box/calendar).
    is there a problem to certain characters?