Would You Rather...?

  • Rather pay bills/hunt for toilet paper since I already do that and I like going out to check if they restocked the playing card game I play....

    Would you rather find no toilet paper or paper towels in the market under this lockdown?

  • I'd probably go with Toilet paper, because paper towels often have their own cloths for wiping things down to be washed easier and it's repeatable usage. but hoarders went a bit off the deep end with that toilet paper shortage, that and bottled water and certain items I need like yeast of all things. <.< I make bread, man, why buy 50 packs :( anyways yeah.

    if you had a tomato sauce and cream one but only 1 pack of noodles which would you use?

  • The pack of noodles so I can make some spicy soup.To bad about your yeast shortage I love bread and its cool that you make your own.

    Would you rather be alone in the lock-down with everything you need or be with a few strangers with few supplies during the lock-down. (strangers aren't dangerous in this situation)

  • Hahaha, I might find a husband hahaha. no, seriously if it was a lockdown I need enough supplies to keep on living. so it means safety first. for me anyways. I'm been a butterfly socially but I still gotta count chicken and eggs as it were.

    would you buy a new phone every few times to be on top of the curve or would you hold onto your "ancient" phone for years and years.

  • Keep the old one for as long as possible (I did have a droid 2 active for quite some time till my carrier service dropped the support/compatibility for that phone along with others in November. I never get rid of my old cell phones).

    Would you rather work in a warehouse/workshop or in an office (cubicle)?

  • traditional red/brown ones. black beans tend to be heavy and not as creamy as they often turn into granular hot messes.

    if you could would you be a superwoman/man but can't cook/clean/etc. normally or be able to do all those other normal freely without extra things (like magic) but not super strengths/flying etc.

  • I'm a hermit, so I've been sleeping aka hibernating through a later spring time. being NOT proactive has always been my thing. hahaha.

    which would you prefer: being proactive on dates/appointments etc. but lose energy or stop being as proactive and get an extra minutes of sleeping.


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  • i'm an evil offensive words and phrase over that one haha. so revenge but it would have to be absolutely cold. as I wait for the right time to hit them.

    would you put cream in your tea/coffee or drink it "black".

  • O.O; drinking tea now.... green tea... it has honey in it but no cream... i have never put cream in my tea XD

    would you rather have two monitors or 1?

    2 monitors... how else could I live through fiesta repeats :(

    Would you rather be blind or not be able to talk for the rest of your life?


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    looking for sc bonus...

  • my mains are always capped, but usually not on "official" servers, soooo probably alts.

    would you rather binge watch a series or watch the night sky? (friend pet comfy sitting thingy and snacks included)

  • Fear me. Wouldn't want to start feeling like I'm God's gift!

    Would you rather listen to music or read a book?

    Read a book.

    Would you rather take $25k instantly or take a 25% chance for $5mil?


    。.。:∞♡*♥ 115 Wiz - 135 SS - 135 Guard - 135 WL - 135 Glad - 135 HK ♥*♡∞:。.。

    looking for sc bonus...