Would You Rather...?

  • Quarantine with a best friend of course. Some one to be with is easier because we can laugh and point at stoopidd things.

    If you had to would you eat Frog legs or Snails?

  • Not sure if this one was meant to be ride rather then rid, but I'll answer it both ways. I'd rather get rid of an ATV seeing I don't have the acreage for it where I live. I'd rather ride a motorbike as long as it is street legal.

    Would you rather explore the deepest parts of the oceans (Earth's oceans of course) or explore outer space?

  • sing a song badly (I have a nice voice I sound like micky mouse mixed with cher haha)

    * I'd go to deep ocean diving, cause you'd never know whats going to pop out haha.

    if you have a phone would you: constantly charge it up or let it run out and recharge upon notices?)

  • i keep mine on the charger. i almost never answer it unless i'm expecting someone to call. the only callers i typically get are telemarketers, so outgoing only.

    Would you rather shop when stores are most active or when there's less people?

  • double nope answers makes it an untenable question. because picking either or makes them both wrong.

    stepping back I move to : normally I drive a long distance to get food/items in a bigger city. so be it active or less I get my shopping done. but if I did live in a bigger city I'd probably just go at the dead of night times. just because newest things were done at midnight hour haha. (I know my stores put out new games)

    if you could would you dig a well or restore a rusty broken thing? (too much youtubing for me)

  • I would rather drink orange juice. Nice and cold, something to sip on to keep the blood sugars up. I find eating oranges to be messy, I still eat them, just they are messy!

    Would you rather help make cloth masks for caretakers/health workers or dress up as a beloved character and read children stories live stream to kids in isolation right now? (both things are something I am looking into doing atm)

  • If I had to have it a parakeet, (sorry snakes are a phobia of mine)

    *i'm already planning to make masks by hand sewing. (artistry is my thing)

    oh a new one, (I saw a meme of a spice rub with Muppets on the label) Which would you now eat if you had to: miss piggy or Kermit.

  • sci fi typically is indoors more often, so, less bugs, BUT, slightly higher prices on kitsch.

    would you rather wear (3 options) a polo, jersey, or button shirt?

    if you have a different choice that's cool.

  • Jersey.

    Would you rather work out using a youtube video or make up your own home routine? (if you've not tried anything on youtube, I am currently loving pe with Joe!)

  • There used to be a fitness channel on cable, but i've developed several routine exercises with random common movements tasks and items, based off my knowledge of some martial arts and yoga practices. conditioning your body continuously improves your ability to do increasingly strenuous activities, and helps improve your mental competencies.

    a somewhat long answer but yeah, DIY for me ^^, and some of those y tubers need formal training. not everything, is appropriate or safe, for everybody.

    would you rather learn to fly an aircraft (hang gliding counts ^^) or explore ancient ruins?

  • explore ancient ruins (provided no snakes are near by)

    if you could would you refry left over spaghetti or make a new batch when guests are coming to dinner.

  • Depends on the guests honestly. If its laid back guests recook all the way, so my leftovers don't build up and I cannot eat them all (and if there is enough to feed them all). If not those then recook, cause I do not mind cooking for people.

    Would you rather clean your house and sanitize everything for a small family party or just not have the party during this "pandemic"?