[Forum Event] Guess the Mob

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    How to win:

    There are 6 different images of monster silhouettes in the form. Find out which monster is in each image and how many of the monsters there are.

    Click here to enter


    24th December - 30th December 2019



    Peter starfish (3day) or 3EP to the first to answer correctly.

    Peter starfish (3day) or 5EP to those who get all images correct.


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 30th of December 2019, 23h59 PST.
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • Entries must be filled out in the google form. If there are issues with the form, please PM [GM]HoneyTeddy.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.
  • Just submitted my answers, that was pretty fun! I think determining the number of the mob was harder than figuring out which mob was which, though :/

  • Looks like we've forgotten to announce the winners :/

    My apologies for taking some time. Here is the list of people who got everything correct:



    Everyone else will receive the other prize. As there were some monsters with very similar variations, I decided to accept having the wrong monster name for those.

    Here is the list of the answers:

    1. Spider 4
    2. Nix 3
    3. Mini Dragon 3
    4. Slyph 4
    5. Sparkdog 2
    6. Crab 5

    Also, kudos to the best mix ups I have seen:



    All EP have been awarded.