[Discord] Structure Revision

  • Since we are always encouraged by team members to post our feedbacks and suggestions here in the forum, let's give it a shot! honeylol

    I've noticed that some players haven't been liking the recent changes applied to the NA's Discord server (removal of some channels in order to make our version equal as the other language versions) so I decided to come up with a proposal suggestion for a structure revision of the Fiesta's Discord.

    The suggestion is rather simple: make an unique Official Fiesta Discord server with 4 different Discord "categories" (one of per language/version) who will be named "Fiesta NA" "Fiesta DE" "Fiesta FR" "Fiesta ES".

    Each category (Fiesta version) will have its own sub-channels who are the following:

    • Rules
    • General
    • Annoucements
    • Question_and_answers
    • General_Issues
    • Marketplace

    (Basically every channel who was removed recently will be added for all the other versions where is missing instead, in order to respect the 'equality' key factor).

    The result should be something like this:


    Players will have the chance to follow up to all the 4 versions or either only the one played - according to individuals preferences.

    To be taken in account the fact that every category on Discord can be hided/muted and notification can be turned off, so those who strictly want to follow only their own version should not have any problem or annoyance in doing so.

    I will open a big parenthesis what does concern the removal of some of the channel on NA's, given the fact that there were a lot of players' discussions going on about this and reading all the different opinions was truly helpful in order to understand how community feels about specific features and their usage.

    It seems like the large majority of the players who use the Discord media enjoy the quick comunication between team members/other players and the practicality to follow updates concerning different Fiesta's areas, spacing from official annoucements, Item mall's sales and in-game marketplace offers.

    I really hope whoever is in charge to take decisions who concerns the Fiesta's medias can understand why people feel every single channel fundamental:

    1. Rules: guidelines about how a player should behave, what is allowed and whatnot - essential if we don't want to degenerate in pure anarchy
    2. General: this channel is in fact a multi-server version of the "general chat" we do have available in game: at times is really enjoyable and it can become very talkative while there are moments of inactivity or tendecy to drama.
      Overall this chat still remain a great chance for community to have a decent comunication with GMS/CMs regarding the heart of some topics.
    3. Annoucements: Notifications on this channel truly helps! I have no idea why there are not anymore updates about the weekly sale schedule.
    4. Question_and_answers: this section is mostly dedicated to all those random questions we all have from time to time who require a simple quick answer (and who are not really something for which we should be bothered to make a thread) - a random example:


      I personally really like this channel and the way players are always trying to help each other.
    5. General_issues (currently removed): A "Troubleshooting" channel, who, in my humble opinion should have been kept since sadly this game has a lot of problems, and priority should always be to make sure players can access to the game and have a decent playing experience.
      Just like for the Q&A channel, I've often seen players helping other players and definitely this channel has been proved to be more functional than the forum section dedicated to techinical issues. Useful also to report server instability or post-patch issues rapidly.)
    6. Marketplace (currently removed): this channel is probably the biggest reason for which many players did complain.
      Lot of people used to scrolling this channel daily to check the deals posted , and it worked as an efficent palliative to substitute a missing "action house" feature in game. It vaguely recalled the old 'party matching' system we used to have a while ago, more or less.

      There was someone who mentioned that one of the possible reasons of the removal from Discord could have been the intention of Gamigo to promote the marketplace via forum. Though, I haven't notice any change in that sense, there are still very few people who posted there.
      I do believe is a matter of social media's preferences: some people just don't like to use other platforms such as the forums, facebook or twitter. (Personally, if I had to sell/buy some items, probably I would advertise everywhere to maximize my chances to find negotiations, but that's my own take)

    In a nutshell, those are the main reasons I've perceived.

    Now, concerning my suggestion, the reason behind the idea of gathering together of all the versions is merely 'cause it doesn't make any sense to keep them separate... even this current forum has all the versions linked together, so why shouldn't Discord have the same peculiarity?

    Moreover if we consider the number of the NA's team who is very limited and can't always be available for a set of absolutely understandable reasons: Akher is the CM of both NA and ES communities and he has week-ends off, Kuroneko and HoneyTeddy are GMs volunteers so the time they decide to dedicate to us is merely what they are able to offer in their spare time, as for Cresto I believe he mainly covers alone the whole NA's forum moderation, while Blacksky is being missing in action since a while, probably working on the background (I guess). Veralya isn't longer a QA but became a CM instead (?) so I am not sure what is her current role in the Gamigo's team scheme

    I do believe it could be useful to have a comprehensive Discord especially for when there are those critical situations involving the servers/cash shop failures mixed with a lack of team members: if all the whole NA+EU staff would be merged together, we could easily rely on some other staff member who can get the right people available instead of being completely left alone by ourself (same concept applies to other versions as well!).

    It could be also a good occasion to meet and interract with players from the other versions and possibly help each other whenever we are able to. honeyhap

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  • coin Agreed! I definitely miss the general issues channel.

    However when the discord server first started, I remember the staff saying the general issues channel was kind of 'unofficial', meaning that all serious issues were still supposed to be reported on the forums since that was easier for them to follow up on. But I think that channel still worked well cause most small issues could be resolved with help from other players and if needed they could be directed to the forum from there.

    I guess with the recent patch (xingcode) that made a lot of people have issues, it became a bit much? cause the discord server was constantly active with people needing help and asking Kuroneko a million questions..

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  • Might as well, saves them the trouble of switching between 4 different channels~

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