Shiny mobs Title

  • anyone knows what are shiny mobs title stats?

    how many needs to be killed to gain each tier?

    and what is lowest/highest lvl of mob to kill compared to char's lvl to get title point?

    thank you in advance 8)

  • how many needs to be killed to gain each tier?

    5 Kills for the 1st -> Shiny Hunter
    15 Kills for the 2nd -> Shiny Killer
    30 Kills for the 3th -> Shiny Terminator
    50 Kills for the 4th -> Shiny Slayer

    I think there is no Lvl-Limit of Mobs for the Title, correct me if im wrong.

    anyone knows what are shiny mobs title stats?

    Shiny Hunter -> HP 1%, Speed 1%, Krit 1%, +5 Dmg/Mdmg
    Shiny Killer -> HP 2%, Speed 2%, Krit 2%, +10 Dmg/Mdmg
    Shiny Terminator -> HP 3%, Speed 3%, Krit 3%, +20 Dmg/Mdmg
    Shiny Slayer -> HP 4%, Speed 4%, Krit 4%, +30 Dmg/Mdmg

    (Its correct now)


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  • ALSO It’s important to note that Shiny Slayer is incomparably the best title in the game now since HP/SP/Crit/Speed % values are the only working stats in titles (until corrected or fixed). Usually it’s a toss between a 4% increase in HP with titles like Warrior of Roumen and Score Machine or 4% Critical rate with Pirate’s Charisma and Karen’s Soul but now it’s possible to have both at once with Shiny Slayer which is pretty nice honeyhap

  • very nicely explained, one of reasons when i saw tier 1 of title wanted know highest lvl as soon :3 since finaly leaves out choice between, ofc for me crit was always first option since DD class but now is both :) hopefully gamigo dont decide to change this !

  • Shiny slayer is, without doubt, one of top titles, but how exactly they expect people to get 50+ kills when most of shinies get killed right after maint, and spawning more, even if you will camp at repeat spot, takes lot of effort and times?

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  • I dont know about waiting until after maint though to kill them once in awhile. Like maint is early morning, late at night depending how you look at it, during the work week. So its impossible for people like me to find them during that time.

    I am not knocking on it being rare, that is fine, I just feel like it is more rare for people in the NA time zone who cannot log on right after maint.

  • They don't just spawn at maint ^^

    Shiny monsters continue to spawn throughout the game at any time at a low chance. I'm not sure why people are assuming any specific number cap to total shiny spawns.

    A maximum Shiny count has been set which remains unknown.

    No assumption has been made.