Farewell Fan Art~!

  • Hello people of Fiesta Online :)

    I'm 'Taylist' from Legel/Pagel, and it has been a while since I last played.

    Long story short, I took a break for 2 years to focus on my final exams in high school (fingers crossed), with the thought of coming back later to play for a bit (not as much as I did before that, but a bit more than how much I know I'll play now... which is probably not anymore). I thought that, 2 years ago, Pagel was a little bit empty, but now I realise that almost no one is there for real. Wow, the nostalgia really hit home :)

    As a (weird) farewell, I decided to draw my character, who has been my main since the beginning and is almost 10 years old. I'm less than 20 years old, by the way... so this character is well over half my age xD Fiesta Online was literally my childhood, being an introverted and awkward Asian girl. I guess the reason why I won't play anymore is because this character is EVERYTHING in the game world to me, and I can't imagine not playing it if I were to continue playing Fiesta ya know! Weird, huh?

    Anyways! I know I'm not very good at drawing - I'm an absolute absolute absolute absolute absolute beginner, but it is very fun. I hope you guys like it!



  • Your art is adorable and knowing that it's coming from a first time artist, then I must say that you're very talented slimespeech!!

    I wouldn't mind see more of your creations, if you will ever feel in the mood to draw and share more of them!

    As for the heart of this thread, I do perfectly understand how do you feel, I'm in the same boat as you since my main and all my alts are on Pagel.

    I've tried to give a go on another server but my main is absolutely irreplaceable, is very odd the way we develop affection for cute pixels, isn't it?

    I still secretly hope that someday in the future Gamigo will take in consideration the option to merge servers, perhaps with EU's players as well, who knows! - I would love to meet some fellows players from the other Fiesta versions, the community can be toxic at times but there are still some nice peeps around!

    I wish you the best for your future and I hope that someday we'll be given the chance to play our beloved mains in a more active enviroment honeyhap

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  • :: Wish you the best on your final exams! :)

    As of the nostalgia I could also relate on how my very first character rotting in Pagel. There was some regrets but still she will always be my favourite! There's too much I've been through on her ever since the noob days so I'm sure most of us will have such sentimental value to our very first character.

    You have potential on your art so if its your passion, don't stop trying & no one going to stop you from posting even when you're on hiatus in game. Break free those inspiration & sketch it out for the fun of it lovehoney ::


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  • Hey Taylist,

    it's awesome to hear that you still came back after a break and the Fiesta team wishes you the best for your future.
    Maybe we will meet once in-game if nostalgia hits you again.

    Your drawing is pretty cute and maybe you want to post more Fanart of your character in the future, even tho you won't play that much anymore.

    Best wishes,

  • Also GM veralya, why have we become like this, instead of helping such players who are leaving this game because you cant provide them with a good game experience, instead of telling them we'll help you by moving your chars to the active server your reply is well come back again if nostalgia hits you, like come back to what, you want them to come back to a dead server which hosts their leveled char? Its not feasable to start all over again for people.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser