High Summoner/Seer Overlord Class

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    Class Name




    High Summoner:

    Ritual Fan (Available at LVL 1+)

    Seer Overlord:

    Grimoire (Available at LVL 100)

    Brief Description:

    This profession has the ability manipulate the ether energy to do their bidding. Spirituals also have the ability to call upon spiritual beings, magical creatures, elemental espers, and deities that have been contracted. Spiritualist may also support team by augmenting themselves and their ally’s natural traits by linking their souls of the party members.


    Each summon has special abilities that can benefit the party and spiritualist. All summons have their own personalities which can wildly vary depending on which summon is contracted. There is limited control over summon through multiple commands. To get summon, the summoner must venture out into the world and find appropriate creature to contract. The summoner will not know abilities or personality of summon until they contracted their target. If the contracted summon isn’t to the liking over the summoner, they may release summon back into the wild. The summoner may only acquire one summon per contract type, this is due to limitations of ether availability to summoner. When killed or unsummon, the summon will return to the ether realm and await for summoner to evocate it.

    Summon Commands:

    • Offensive Stance - Attacks closest enemy that is nearby.
    • Defensive Stance - Attacks if master is attacked by enemy.
    • Hangback Stance - Will try to avoid enemy's attacks.
    • Attack - Advances and begins to attack master's target.
    • Stop Attack - Stop attacking and returns to master's side.
    • Defense Target - Will defend master's target.
    • Cast Skill - Casts unique skill on master's target.
    • Revive - Revives the summon if it has been killed.
    • Return - Returns the summon to the ether realm.

    Where to Find Summons:

    Basic magical beast summons can be found throughout Isya and can be contracted with. Spirit summons can only be found in specific locations that have spirit mobs. On the other hand esper summons are rather unique can be found deep within the maps, sometimes the maps has more than one esper on it and they are rather hard to defeat. Deity summons are the most powerful summons and the hardest to obtain, they can only be found through raids or kingdom quests.

    Summon Equipment:

    All summon creatures will have four equipment slots that can boost their ability, increase their offense, and boost their stats. The equipment slots are the licenses, necklace, chest, and weapon Slot. Almost all equipment can be found in all locations, while licenses can only be obtained through mobs.

    • Licenses Slot: *Creature* Licenses
    • Neck Slot: Collar/Pendant/Scarf
    • Chest Slot: Armor Vests
    • Weapon Slot: Summon Weapon

    Leveling Summons:

    Your summons will level up with your character as long as you use them in battle. Neglecting to use the summons will result in their level being rather low, so you better make sure to use all four of your summons and keep them leveled with your character. By upgrading the summons, their abilities and skills will also increases when they reach certain levels as well.

    Revamp Licenses:

    By equipping the appropriate licenses; you can grind out the %. Once reaching 100% of the licenses, this increase your summons’s offensive capabilities. By changing licenses, it breathes new life into them and makes them useful once again. With this, this allows you to grind to boost the summon's ability to fight alongside the player.

    Class Progression:

    • Spirituals [LVL 1 – 20]
    • Shaman [LVL 20 – 60]
    • Primalist [LVL 60 – 100]
    • High Summoner/Seer Overlord [LVL 100+]


    [LVL 1 – 20]

    • Ghostly Bolts (ATK/Targeted) – Calls upon three bolts of ether energy to impact a single target in a rapid succession.
    • Underworld’s Rupture (ATK/Targeted/DOT) – Calls upon ether energy to rupture from the ground under a single target, engulfing them in ghostly fire.
    • Blade of Death (ATK/Targeted/Piercing) – Calls upon a compressed blade of ether energy to target a single enemy, any targets in front of target will be pierced through.
    • Impact of the Ether (Targeted/Knockback) – Calls upon a compact fist of ether energy that impacts a single target and knocks them back.
    • END Link (LINK/Augmentation) – Combines all the endurance of party together before halving the combined total of endurance and then raises all party members’ endurance to the grand total.
    • Magical Contract – Upon casting, there is a chance of forming a contract with magical beast that has been weakened.
    • Magical Beast Evocation – Summons contracted magical beast.

    [LVL 20 – 60]

    • Homing Bolts of Ether (ATK/AOE) - Creates a stream of bolts of ether energy before impact the nearby targets in rapid succession.
    • Shockwave of Ghostly Flames (ATK/AOE) – Releases a shockwave of ether flames that ripples outward from user to deal damage to nearby targets.
    • Funnel of a Thousand Blades (ATK/AOE) – Creates a funnel of ether blades that rapidly spins which deals thousands of heavy cuts to all targets within targeted area.
    • Seeping Gas (AOE/Stun) – Calls upon ether energy force paralyzing gas up from the ground within targeted area which paralyses all targets within vicinity.
    • STR Link (LINK/Augmentation) - Combines all the strength of party together before halving the combined total of strength and then raises all party members’ strength to the grand total.
    • INT Link (LINK/Augmentation) - Combines all the intelligence of party together before halving the combined total of intelligence and then raises all party members’ intelligence to the grand total.
    • Spiritual Contract – Upon casting, there is a chance of forming contract with spirit that has been weakened.
    • Spiritual Evocation – Summons contracted spirit.

    [LVL 60 – 100]

    • Soul Anchor (Movement) – Cast spell once create soul anchor that lasts for two minutes before it needs to be redone. Casting for the second time immediately returns caster to where the soul anchor is. (Can only be used on one map.)
    • Distortion (Slow Movement/Debuff) – Uses condensed ethereal energy to create a distortion in reality that slows down all targets within targeted area.
    • Disruption (Blowback) – Pollutes mana of target with ether to disrupt enemies casting which causing blowback damage which target uses any spell.
    • DEX Link (LINK/Augmentation) - Combines all the dexterity of party together before halving the combined total of dexterity and then raises all party members’ dexterity to the grand total.
    • Esper Contract – Upon casting, there is a chance of forming contract with an elemental esper that been weakened.
    • Esper Evocation – Summons contracted elemental esper.

    [LVL 100+]

    1. Ether Contamination (Weaken ATK/Debuff) – Creates a link between caster and target before contaminating mana or stamina of targets either ether which makes target’s attacks weak till mana or stamina is replenished. (Seer Overlord Only)
    2. Ether Clone (Decoy) – Makes caster invisible before creating a clone with ether until destroyed. Once the clone is destroyed, caster will become visible once again. (High Summoner Only)
    3. Reflection (Reflection) – Creates shields of ethereal energy around all members of party that reflects half of all incoming damage back to caster.
    4. SPR Link (LINK/Augmentation) - Combines all the spirit of party together before halving the combined total of spirit and then raises all party members’ spirit to the grand total.
    5. Deity Contract – Upon casting, there is a chance of forming contract with a deity that been weakened.
    6. Deity Evocation – Summons contracted deity.

    Passive Abilities:

    • Ritual Fan Mastery –Gains ritual fan mastery and increases magic damage.
    • Grimoire Mastery – Gains grimoire mastery and increases magic damage.
    • Wisdom Mastery – Gains wisdom and increases maximum SP.

    (If you guys got any suggestions for alteration, new features, or removing features to the class, please let me know and I will decide on it. This class is suppose to be designed by the community and add new life into the game. Maybe the idea of a summon aka partner could extend to Ranger class, thus making it a true ranger class. Also mages could use this to summon elementals in battle as well.)

  • 1. Better than content nobody asked for.

    2. Balance isn't happening with charms, extenders and such in the game so why not.

    At this point ANY significant content is good.

  • 1. Better than content nobody asked for.

    2. Balance isn't happening with charms, extenders and such in the game so why not.

    At this point ANY significant content is good.

    I know what you mean. Anything to breath new life into game would be super useful.