Server Maintenance on 10/29/2019

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    Dear Community,

    with today's patch we were able to release some awesome changes for our new Battle Royale Kingdom Quest. Auto-Attack and Battle Hammer? Gone! Instead we will have Honey Combs and other balancing changes to create a better gameplay for everyone.

    We got a ton of reports of AFK players in different Kingdom Quests and we added our Anti-AFK feature to more Kingdom Quests. Leechers will be gone too! Like the Battle Hammer. Lined up with some other minor adjustments we fixed some bugs. Find all the information below and let us know if you have any feedback on our recent changes!

    Client-Version: 1.02.260

    • Today we had a database updated for our servers.
    • All Premium Items have been extended for the duration of our maintenance.

    Adjustment & Changes:

    • The following gameplay changes have been brought to the Battle Royale Kingdom Quest:
      • Auto attack is no longer possible in the Kingdom Quest.
      • The Battle Hammer drop has been exchanged for Honey Comb Ball.
      • You can get hit by the Honey Comb ball up to 3 times. Going above will eliminate you from the Kingdom Quest.
      • The amount of points you now receive at the end of the Kingdom Quest will not depends on the amount of players you eliminated and also the amount of time you survived in the Kingdom Quest.
      • Hp regeneration box has been disabled in the Kingdom Quest.
      • All characters will now spawn in the Kingdom Quest with a fix amount of HP to avoid any death prior to the beginning of the Kingdom Quest.
    • The following Kingdom Quests will now have the Anti-AFK feature:
      • Henneath Rebellion War
      • Gold Hill Adventure
      • Evil Spirit Gordon Master
      • Lost Mini Dragon (Hardcore)
      • King Kong Phino's Mess
      • King Slime's Counterattack
      • Mara Pirates' Rage
      • Lost Mini Dragon
    • The format in which the game was displaying EXP has been changed to make it easier to read.
    • A background icon in the inventory has been added for the Bracelet Slot.
    • Skill visual effects will now be cancelled upon casting another skill or cancelling the skill cast.


    • A bug where certain 30 days mounts could be upgraded has been fixed.
    • A visual bug where mounts without riders would be seen ingame has been fixed.
    • A visual bug where the Fame reward wasn’t visible in the quest details window has been fixed.
    • A bug related to the Card collection feature that would cause client crash has been fixed.
    • A visual bug where the enhancement effect of the mount Midnight Moth wasn’t displayed correctly has been fixed.
    • A bug where after using the Inventory sort button immediately after it has already been used would display an error has been fixed.
    • A bug which blocked engagements after using a skill has been fixed.