Farewell Zao

  • Literally same day I came back to forums and started preparing proper feedback about "acitivites" of current team, he suddenly decided to quit?

    Too well matched to be a coincidence ;x

    One of oldest veterans of game, 2008+.
    Leader of oldest guild alive in game, BandOfTheHawk (2008+).
    Godliest free players alive, 0$ invested.

    Almost full cards collection.
    Author of numerous challenging videos and speed raids, top scorer of many GTs.
    Husband of a goddess.
    Facebook, Youtube, Site.... Find them on your own.


    And what did YOU achieve?

    About time to answer that question.

    Discord: Yaseeda#3171

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  • Zao's presence will be dearly missed in the team.

    Each CM has their good points and bad points, it just depends on what perspective you want to look at. I am sure that if you don't now, you will be missing his presence soon too.

    What has happened has nothing to do with you Yaseeda.
    You and everyone else can continue to write your feedback(s), but I would like everyone to know that there will be a gap of time before we can continue forwarding your feedback again.

    I would also appreciate, if you have a lot of feedback, to write it all in one long word document, titled appropriately, and send it to me privately so I can forward that document quickly.

    Thank you,