I need a GM

  • can a gm please contact me im having issues and wanna know why my character is in a restricted zone for no reason

    just saw the email sent that i got a warning, for what i made a name that was allowed, that isnt fair, and if its an issue cant u give me a name change? instead of forcing me to buy one? thats not right ive been so mistreated lost characters, jailed when ive done nothing wrong, this is awful ive spent so much on this game just to be screwed over time after time, the least u could do is give me a name change for the inconvenience i was logging on to level today and cant now...

    i wanted to buy the perm dances i dont wanna pay for something when i did nothing wrong, i shouldnt be forced to miss out on the sale over doing nothing wrong, ive got this toon to lvl 102 thats jailed, how is it just now an issue?

  • Hello,

    Can you reply directly to your warning email? It should reply directly to a CM. What happens to your name change issue will rely directly on the CM decision.

    Sometimes we don't catch a name until you hit a high level, but it doesn't remove the fact that the name is inappropriate or that you shouldnt use certain names. Understandably you may have missed this section before, so please make sure you explain your name choice to [CM] Zao via the email or a PM. Please have a look at our in game rules and TOS.

    Thank you,

    Your Fiesta Online Team~

  • it was from a non reply email and the name was Gamigo nothing wrong with it just being punished because its the company name there is nothing in the rules that i can find about that being wrong

  • You can still pm [CM]Zao on the forums: https://fiesta.gamigo.com/forum/wcf/index.php?user/3577-zao/

    Here's the rule:

    In-Game Rules

    - Claiming to be, or have influence over, a game master, moderator or staff member of Gamigo is prohibited.

    Forum Rules (For a little clarification)

    8. Impersonating a gamigo Employee

    It is not allowed to claim to be an employee or representative (e.g. GM) of the gamigo AG in any form of communication. This includes for instance

    • user name
    • user profile
    • voice feedback
    • text, chat
    • publishing of messages
    • the use of a rank image as avatar

    Your name falls under claiming to be. I understand you didn't mean any harm, but rules are rules.

    Please do PM [CM]Zao, I will also talk to him about your situation.

    Thank you,


  • yeah that takes me back to 2008 when we first made isya knights and isya guardians. there was some issues from players about using certain elements from the game itself in labeling anything, but it turned out alright.

    read the rules honeyteddy posted, and get with zao. i'm sure it will work out alright.

  • ive messaged zao no answer though, i didnt mean to "claim to be" a gm or anything ive been playing since 07 and never seen a game use their company name as a character name so didnt think it to be an issue, i made the name cause i really like Gamigo which is sad because im now being punished by the company i like which really hurts ive even considered quitting over this specially if im being made to pay myself to change it, i was just trying to support the company since so many people always say outspark was better

  • May just take some time for him to get round to your email. It can take me up to 48 hours to respond to emails in my line of work - finance.

    It’s just a rule unfortunately you can’t have a name which may make a player think you are affiliated with gamigo. I am sure you had no ill intention with the name, however, you could see how Ill willed players could use names to try scam players/dmg gamigo rep etc

    Admittedly, your name is probably on the lesser scale but where do you draw the line ? See how it pads out I think you’re being a tad melodramatic personally.

    I’m fairly confident a name change will be given. However, if they don’t and gamigo throw a discount on the name changes. I’ll send you one.

    Use the time to think of an awesome name !


  • alright thanks yawn and honey i will think of a name im just frustrated cause im not that kind of player i got scammed by <removed> so im more on that side i play fairly and mostly keep to myself i used that character to buff everyone i walked past its hard work to level a cleric

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