Quests that can't be turned in after being completed.

  • Hi,

    I've just reached lvl 83 on one of my character and 2 quest appear to be bugged

    Maxuter - Quest can be accepted, but can't be completed(it a talking quest) cause it appears requirements are not met.

    Crossing path with Julian - Can be accepted, becomes compensable, but when you talk with Julian, text appear to be blocked. Again ita talking quest.

    Could you please check those and fix them ASAP.;)

  • Good afternoon everyone, the problems I have in quest 112 of Guard Nell (Wood Delivery) when going to collect the reward can not be done because the quest comes out as in (process) when the Q is already in purple, try restart the quest but I couldn't even eliminate it, I deleted the drops from my inventory and it didn't work, the quest is still in (process) and the Q in purple even without the drops.

    At the moment it is the only problem that I have on my list of pending quest, that is all for the moment thanks. (^ o ^):thumbup:

    With these two characters I have the same problem in case they need to know more about the problem.

    Server: Isya

    Character name: hiruka

    Server: Isya

    Character name: hiruki

  • Try dropping ever other questions from Guard Nell; I know he's DN repeat along with a good amount of other 111-115 quests. Isolating the quest might help.




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  • Another bugged Maxuter quest is the level 90 Stone Statue Repair 2 where you need 20 Gargoyle Pieces from Stone Gargoyles. It cannot be returned once you have the 20 drops. Maxuter has the purple quest icon above him but you cannot talk to him no matter what. If you throw away your Gargoyle Pieces (quest items) you can talk to him again.

  • quest bug lvl 107 "expensive wing" when taking quest the marker on npc turn to purple making it looks like complete but cant turn in, after collecting the quest item still cant turn quest

  • 1: Unable to accept "I Need Anti-venom! 2" and because of this I am unable to accept a separate quest from Wishis.

    2: Unable to complete talking quest "Crossing a Path With Julian"

    3: Unable to complete talking quest "Hearts Becoming One"

    Server: Isya

    Character: Cypressxx

  • the message is bugged i cant turn it back or remove this quest can you help me please?
    name of quests is :
    1) Lv 83 Crossing path with Julian
    2) Lv 86 Hearts Becoming One

    3) Lv 107 Expensive Wing

  • I could not figure out the best place to post these problems so I created a thread for them. Please feel free to add other quests to this thread.

    Quest Name: Tower of Iyzel 9th floor

    Rewarding NPC: Ancient Templar Maria

    Situation: When I click on Reward button to remotely turn in the quest nothing happens. So I went to Roumen and I can see a Blue Q over Ancient Templar Maria's head. When I click on her she ignores me even though I see a text cloud when I mouse over her.

  • Quest Name: Hearts Becoming One

    Level of the quest: 86

    Rewarding NPC: Town Chief Andrian

    Situation: I can see the blue Q over Andrian's head and when I click on her, nothing happens. I open the quests list from Andrian's window and the specific quest is marked as "compensable" and even when I select it, I cannot turn it in; there is only the "continue" option.

    GoddessNyx ~ 135 HolyKnight

    GothicI ~ 135 Wizard | ArchQueen ~ 135 SharpShooter | BloodBound ~ 135 Templar | ImmortalNyx ~ 135 HolyKnight

    BloodyNightmare ~ 125 Warlock | RuthlessNyx ~ 120 Gladiatior | soulmaster ~ 120 Guardian

    Nyxta ~ 115 HolyKnight | DeadlyNyx ~ 115 Wizard | Upir ~ 110 HolyKnight


  • Quest Name: Crossing A Path With Julian

    Level of quest: 83

    Rewarding NPC: Item Merchant Julian

    Situation: When I go to talk to Julian for the quest, it just says continue and I cannot turn it in. There is a blue "Q" over her head but nothing happens.

    ALSO! Merchant Master Maxuter is unable to be talked to to receive quests (turning in quests is fine, however). It may be a bug relating to the level 83 quest above, but I cannot talk to him whatsoever to get the rest of my quests that he has for me. Relogging does not help and it's becoming frustrating. PLEASE FIX THIS! I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

  • More quests I've noticed that have problems:

    1. Imaginary Bird 2: I completed it but can't turn it in. Now it's stuck on my quest log and I can't get rid of it.

    2. Pickaxe Delivery 2: can't complete.

    3. Werebear's Sole - Item won't drop. (Level 46)

    4. Level 41 -Darkground Entities 4 - can't do.

    These are just a few. I've listed other quests under technical problems on the forum. I was going to add these to that list but didn't know if they'd get noticed. Also, what's with Fiesta this morning? It keeps saying "disconnected from login server".