Missing titles

  • Every time you level up you get a certain title for your class but there are a few titles that are missing, also there are other titles that you get when you enter guild tournaments with your guild and here they are:

    Level 100 Titles

    (Dmg/M.Dmg +20; HP Recovery +10; SP Recovery +5)

    Supreme Fighter

    Supreme Cleric

    Supreme Archer

    Supreme Mage

    Supreme Trickster

    There's not a title for the crusader class because it didn't exist in that time but I think that there's no problem to make another title.

    Guild titles

    Rookie Guild - Win 3 guild wars in a row. Not working, regardless of being member, admin or master; guard and council untested.

    Reputable Guild - Win 6 guild wars in a row.

    Revered Guild - Win 9 guild wars in a row.

    Matchless Guild - Win 10 guild wars in a row

    Guild War Apprentice - Participate in 5 guild wars.

    Guild War Participant - Participate in 10 guild wars.

    Effort Maker - Participate in 20 guild wars.

    I also think that would be nice to add titles for the lvl 120 and here is my suggestion:

    Almighty Fighter

    Almighty Cleric

    Almighty Mage

    Almighty Archer
    Almighty Trickster

    Almighty Crusader

    Now I want to add this as an extra for the next level cap (140-150) you guys can add the next titles:

    God Fighter
    God Cleric
    God Archer
    God Mage
    God Trickster
    God Crusader

    The stats are up to you guys to choose and I hope you guys like this and thanks in advance. :*


    Everyone's friend Envi. queenlove