[General off-topic] Arguments against Gamigo('s decisions) thread

  • You guys know this game is on the edge right almost zero incoming new players and a massive number of ppl quitting.

    Gamigo is gonna take every last dime they can get until the game has nothing left. If Gamigo wanted to turn things around they would have pulled members of the community long ago and made a think tank and fixed the game. myself and others have laid out the guide to what needs to be done and it has been ignored.

  • Will add to sephiroth,

    "You guys know this game is on the edge right almost zero incoming new players and a massive number of ppl quitting."

    As someone who guides new players and helps them moneywise / gearwise / help wise.

    100% of my players I guide eventually quit when they reach the pay to play content.

    And here I am talking about legit new players, most are returning players that come back to see what once was a great active game.

    I had one new player ask me the following question:

    This game seems to have a lot of potential, how come no one plays?

    Told the player, watch forums.

    She was shocked to see how honeyteddy reacted to players and how everyone was treated and ignored.

    Quit after seeing the forums.

    Many new players treat me as a god when I help them, they never experience anyone helping them.

    Very gratefull, they often talk about how toxic they been treated and that no one helped them.

    Same experience I have, what seems to be left in the game is a very big percentage of toxic whales that focus solely on theirselves.

    I don't blame them either with the milking gamigo does.

    Do you see anyone questing together at low levels? No, you see a high level pulling a nub forward 1 hitting mobs.

    And most players today are so associal they don't team up for anything. Have you even seen a legit party do DT?

    NO, someone runs it for 1 single person and you pay 25 gold after every run that is reality.

    I have had people tell me how guilds act, they are a family, but in reality it's just all for themselves.

    On the other side the players that do guide new players or others often get used by some who only profit and do not give anything back.

    But those are mostly returning players and no legit new players.

    legit new players are the bomb, friendly and very happy if you help them.

    What's currently left in the game; old school players walking around with their alts plvling them to 135 in white gears.

    That's why they had to up the level limit on promotion.

    Money making in the game? Farming? haha no..

    Selling CC runs

    Selling MD runs

    Selling LN runs for ridiculous prices to rich high level players who wan't their alts to be 135 as fast as possible

    Plvl online you read in the revieuws of fiesta online.

    They could change the name to plvl simulator 2020, 100% true

    This game is very close to dying

    And plenty of people including myself have indeed offered advice.

    However to give you all one example, after making like 10 jokes about the wherebear sole fighter of foot quest...

    Still not added to the fix list.

    Selective ignoring?

    All the simple solutions i gave???


    Meanwhile in game,

    Guild masters putting in 1000s of gems to keep the economy artificially allive.

    And if you think about it? Why shouldn't they?

    If they stop funding and the game dies!

    All of those whales lose everything...

    All those 10 000s of euros spend... poof GONE

    your godly 1000gem gears and pvp skills are worthless against an empty battle zone, an empty game

    I also think gamigo should focus 100% on new players.

    No new players, dead game.

    The amount of players around is going down every day, it's getting noticable.

    All other issues are peanuts, small problems, compared to this issue.

    This post was made up out of the experience of many new players and returning players I spoke too and guided, and has as a small portion of my own experience in it.

  • Ill defend HoneyTeddy slightly she made that thread to kinda give us a place to vent most of the time post are just delete. I know my post get delete all the time I am sure she was just trying to give us breathing room.

    Now I just need her to send me her address and I can send her a new pc and she can come to another game and play with me and the other OG's who quit this Honorable game

  • I would like to see this map available as a normal map with mobs for all levels. Mobs don't attack unless attacked, are hard to kill, and give a lot of exp. Or just a place for people to hang out or vend, thus clearing out town maps for those doing quests and such.

    Personally, I like the hammer try reset. I'd rather buy them than do a KQ though. I have wanted an item like that for a very long time. Was hoping they would do a free hammer reset on all items once a year or something.

    I doubt hammers would kill the game. Not with the high chance of ugly stats after 10 tries. A lot of gear had to be NPC'd after using hammers due to this. I see a lot of +10 gear going for almost nothing because 10 hammers didn't help

    are you dense ? Hammers have already killed farming as a whole lol. Why do you think hammers were changed from unlimited trys to 10 think before you make silly statements

  • “Please don't insult other people on the forums, everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s).“

    He didn’t insult anyone...

    Facts do not care about your feelings

    -Ben Shapiro-

    I love when people react with feelings instead of reacting on the points I make.

    Sadly feelings is not how this game works.

    It’s like these whales are playing a game with cheats on... first it’s fun. But then they complain there is no content...

    And if there is, instead of playing it they will buy fail gear and hammer it to perfection since now they don’t need any help from farmers.. 1 piece is enough.

    Then they complain there is no content again.

    I challange you to play a game with cheats on.., it is going to get boring really fast.

    That’s what is happening to these whales.

    Because gamigo literally sells cheats technically.

    Charms (god mode)

    Extenders(hp cheats)

    Hammer(farm cheat)

    And so on.

    A quote from my pay to win friend’s wife who played the game with him.

    “He always rushes everything, doesn’t have any patience. Wants to be the best directly. But forgets to have fun and doesn’t enjoy the time to that point”

    Oh and this person already quit the game after having an existential crisis over spending 200 euro.

    It’s okay sepiroth let them spend, it will be their own downfall when one day the servers shuts down and their money dissapears in thin air.

    We are the ones trying to warn and wake them up but I think they are blinded, they are so deep in the sand they can’t see us or any new / other sort of players anymore.

    Either that or some of them develop an enormous ego, giving birth to the term toxic community, whales.

    They don’t see that.

  • I've logged in and set up a store on my personal character..was on for 6hrs + with no dc issues. That's the longest I've been able to vend for a long long time! Usually 5-10 minutes and I was dc'd. Kudo's to the DEV team! Overall gameplay is also much more stable, with no random dc's every few minutes.

    LOL try that at SK Dev team is lack luster

  • are you dense ? Hammers have already killed farming as a whole lol. Why do you think hammers were changed from unlimited trys to 10 think before you make silly statements

    You must be one of those slow to understand type of people. No problem. I can explain again. Hammers are good because you can fix the stats on bad statted gear. However, it is not guaranteed that you will have good stats on the gear you hammer even after 10 tries. So more hammers is good, better chance to get good stats with hammers is better. Farm away, my friend, and leave the buying cheap bad-statted gear, hammering, and reselling for higher price to me.

  • i remember in the past theyd just give you a namechange for free

    difference in staff for certain/between different games is huge

    We still do 'free' name change for characters over level 60 (this is subject to change), but only if the CM decides that the name is worthy of a free change. Some names are definitely NOT okay and it is impossible to see them as anything but the disgrace the creator intended for it. These names are against our game rules and we will not reimburse them because it is very clear that it is not appropriate or not in line with our rules.

  • Please do not post your personal punishments publicly on the forums. You can contact the appropriate management to discuss your issue. You can speak publicly as long as it is not against the forum rules.

    You can check our rules here: Forum Rules

    Specifically the following:

    1.3 Complaints about permanent bans shall be directed to the Community Management Team.

    1.4 Disagreements with the moderators or complaints against their decisions must always be reported to the Community Management.

    4.4 Posts or answers to a discussion concerning disciplinary measures against a player, character or account are not allowed to be made public and discussed and will be deleted without warning.

    Other rules which may be related:

    2. Respectful Conversation

    2.1 The rights of other members of this community are to be respected. Therefore, other characters, players, groups and all gamigo employees are not to be:

    • insulted,
    • abused,
    • harassed,
    • threatened or
    • pilloried

    Do not continue to post the contents of your warning email. Doing so will eventually lead to a permanent ban.

    If you have seen said cases of:



    Toxic people

    Please report them accordingly, via ticket or by PM to [CM]Zao so we can deal with them.

    Thank you,


  • Not to be a smart-a** but wasn't the whole point of this forum to express disagreement with Gamigo and not have the posts deleted as they would be in other threads?

    There are obviously lines that shouldn't be crossed and this thread shouldn't be turned into a cesspool with no rules but if complaints about Gamigo's decisions can't be made public on this thread what's the point of this thread?

    In theory I understand the decision but I still think this was handled badly by both sides. mehhoney

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  • Yes, this thread is to express disagreement with Gamigo's decision in the game's direction in general.

    But this is not a disagreement with Gamigo, but of a personal case of directly breaking a rule and then publicly showing the results: the personal punishment he has earned himself.

    There is nothing to agree or disagree with in this punishment, it is directly against the game's rules to have the name he picked, and this is the consequence. If you think it is unfair to be punished for breaking in game rules, you may discuss it privately with me or [CM]Zao.

    As for the other point he has made, if you have witnessed cases of:



    Toxic people
    Please do report them so we can deal with them too.

    Thank you,


  • why would you jail me for a name that wasnt on the restricted list after it was lvl 102 then tell me i have to buy a name change and not just gift me one? thats pretty bad its not even an offensive name its just your company name Gamigo it doesnt violate anything, the least u could do would be give me a name change not jail my whole character because i was clever enough to pick that name