[General off-topic] Arguments against Gamigo('s decisions) thread

  • AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH patches are not hard for other company's I play a game that has 100% more content then this game and every patch they put out is spot on quality of game play is amazing. just be real gamigo doesnt care about this game stop trying to milk the community for what money you can. you say apply to be a bug tester abd bla bla you guys don't want vocal ppl on staff you want drones.

    I have offered multiple times to explain issues to you guys and you have delete my post when servers were being reset every hour I could have gave you the info on what was doing it. The text glitch was such a basic way it took you guys over 3 weeks to figure out how the servers were being reset remote by a single person without the text glich.

  • “Lastly we will not be replying forums every single day as we are very busy people. Perhaps once a week. Thank you for your understanding :)

    Maybe hire some GM’s to help. Plenty of competent people on here are willing to help.

    You are not exactly making your point by silencing and not letting them help you.

    Let allone listen...

    Is it any suprise that you got so much work if you ignore anyone who has solutions and wants to help.

    It’s like someone who has everything to finish a task but refuses to accept any help or take any criticism from people. He will never improve or see his flaws. Building this idea in your head that we are all trolls and toxic and here to bash on gamigo is fundamentaly wrong.

    We are here out of concirm for a game we love and a concirm because none of our feedback or help is taken seriously.

  • Being bloody honest, stop wasting time trying to open Gamigo's eyes, if they haven't improve on game bugs/glitches/content in these 3 years of owning the game, do you really think they will do now? i just returned to the game after years, (left when gamigo took over and Trickster was released), and seeing Fiesta reduced to 1 active server really kills me inside, i had such good memories with this game, why did i returned? simple, i wanted to revive those good old times, the game will die soon, that's a given, gamigo will not fix the issues with the game, they will only milk away what they can, my friendly tip? enjoy the game while you can, Fiesta is holding tight to this last server, would you rather complain about it and waste the time left? or simply play it till the very last minute. Enjoy while you can people, MerelyHuman/HierophantGreen.

  • Merelyhuman,

    You can do both...

    To be honest;

    I think the chance is extremely small...

    But something is more than nothing and if everyone shuts up, nothing will happen either.

    GM’s are watching this, some actually do perform a good job.

    The people who should be in power however never do so because of corruption.

    You will never change this by doing nothing, gamigo will think everyone is fine and happy.

    I can guarantee you if all these players left stopped spending and opened their mouths, things have a very big chance to change.

    But right now there is no one who dares to open their mouth. Yes I thank all of you here who spoke up!

    Including you human!

    This is however peanuts compared to all the people in the game who silently support this and can’t say anything because they would risk their account/function.

    But what I can say is that some of these support and want change.

    I think doing this is bringing the community together to fight for a common goal, saving the game.

    Instead of writing stupid roars abput negan or how someone gated after they charmed.

    This any day over stupid in game useless guild drama.

  • Hearing you spend money on roars is wonderful news! I know many who could never do that. It's great to know someone is able to find a use for them.

    Wonderfull news, the more money the more joy right gamigo?

    Maybe we should add 150% charms too, what the hell to small, let's add a paid subscription to use the auto quest system at higher levels..

    But no fear! With the new thread I have set up yesterday, from now on, only excessive language such as cursing and name calling will be sent to the depths of invisibility on the forums.

    In other words, I am not going to do my job and ban and remove everyone with a different opinion from my own.

    Sounds like fiesta NK (north korea)

  • HoneyTeddy come on GM, in the fiesta magazine you literally included the coverpage subbmission of everyone that posted except for mine, like how is that even fair, does not make any sense. Please explain to me why

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • HoneyTeddy come on GM, in the fiesta magazine you literally included the coverpage subbmission of everyone that posted except for mine, like how is that even fair, does not make any sense. Please explain to me why

    It's simple. We want to keep the magazine relevant for Fiesta and and PG rated, so we decided it was best to exclude any diseases or mention of diseases. If you didn't have that text, we would have no problem adding it in.

    We will have another similar event soon enough :)

  • those GM are a joke, asking something like that. why this website for? player talking to players? where there are CM GM? why are we not all the same register

  • Ok sure i will agree. At the same time, I find that the banner image we have that appears on the top of this forum shows a semi naked lad which is also a very inappropriate and such images should not be present on this game, similarly in game costumes that basically consist of underwear should not be sold or be in game either. I feel that too is inappropriate, not only for children.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser