[General off-topic] Arguments against Gamigo('s decisions) thread

  • Do you actually want GM replies? 35

    1. Yes (28) 80%
    2. CM only (4) 11%
    3. No (3) 9%

    Since a number of people in the community have many complaints with no signs of slowing, it would be most effective to stop derailing other (discussion) threads and move the hate over here, in one place. You can have your non-meaningful debates here too. This will allow us to keep the meaningful discussions in the other threads instead. grinhoney

    Also, please vote if you want to see staff (Game Master Team) replies or not, as it is sincerely getting very confusing. honeyhap

  • Sadly im only interested in the game being fixed, mainly quest and stability issues which is even preventing questing or vending at this ptn, which basicly mean, no ptn logging in at all.

    For the rest i couldnt care less.

  • Whoa I think someone might be working too hard...

    HoneyTeddy if people are voicing frustration it's usually because they are trying to get a response of any kind..for example if there's a thread with 10+ pages of player discussion with little if any response from anyone on Gamigo's staff team (whether they can't answer, whether it's under discussion, whatever reason) of course some players are going to start making bolder statements or try other tactics to force you guys to respond.

    This is not helped by certain (admittedly former) GMs and CMs making promises one day and then changing their minds another without dropping much if any communication of it to the playerbase, how do we know if that structure within Gamigo has changed?

    Of course no one is ever completely blameless and trolling for the sake of trolling exists but don't forget that vocal people are passionate people and many players have years of experience watching the same conversations and suggestions and silence over and over again which can get pretty disheartening...

    I don't doubt there are good employees/volunteers at Gamigo but the way the company is being run as a whole is causing a lot of animosity.

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  • Wow, what an embarassing move this thread is.

    There are senseless debates - sure. But while answering those you have no answers to the real problems. Patch by patch you miss the oppurtunity to make a proper change. That threads are full of angry comments of children is definitely not your problem.

    This thread is mockery at its finest.

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  • I Think I made some great suggestions how to fix my issue.

    Secondly, I would like to add that the t2 enchancement bogo bundle had a glitch where it gave you 20 seperate lucky stones instead of 10x 1 times two.

    Because of this I had to click a lot and accidently clicked the wrong sc scone.

    I couldn't mention this because they where to busy to blame me,instead of helping and listening to me and the advice of others.

    The thread was absolutely not as toxic as stated. If you go inside the game you will come across a lot more toxicity.

    But people need to vent and be able to criticize and offer solutions.

    If the company never listens to a point where we are unable to play the game and see it die.

    That's not good for anyone!

    Both whales, GM's, community will suffer if the game goes down ...

    If gamigo can't take any well worded criticism with good and simple oslutions? What will they accept?

    Once again I wan't to mention this tread was absolutely not as toxic as stated.

    Just mild criticism with solutions and some reasoning what I think is wrong.

    However they refused to listen to our solutions or try to help.

    This game is not going to get fixed if everyone shuts up and is toxic ingame working their frustrations on eachother and in stupid drama with other guilds.

    What I tried to do was start a productive discussion, try to make a meaningfull change.

    Show what is really going on.

    And the amount of times posts where edited/removed. Sounds a lot like they are trying to shut up and stop any discussion or change.


  • I saw what they did to your posts.. I also saw them editing their own posts to hide their poor wording multiple times. So atleast they failed to trick me.

  • Wow, what an embarassing move this thread is.

    Got that right.

    HoneyTeddy, you're clearly missing the point by a mile.

    When you're delivering a service, it's crucial to realize how people (customers) work. Only 1 out of 20 people who WANT TO complain, actually complain. The rest either bite their tongue or vote with their wallets. One or two critics may pass as personal reference, but as it accumulates, it's your job as provider of the service to do something about it. When you don't, you lose more than those customers do. Always. The players know this. They're confused, because with your empty replies and lack of presence, you seemingly act as if you have all the playerbase and money in the world to lose any and all people who don't agree with your decisions and mission for most p2w game of next decade.

    As for the question itself, brutal honesty? Nobody cares who the replies come from. If they lack substance aside of defensive stance for your team, it doesn't matter if you're king Gamigo.

    You want people to stay on topic (suddenly, considering how well it's been executed in numerous threads all over) so bad you start removing posts and closing threads. How about that advice.

  • Pointless thread.

    You dont care about feedback in other threads why would you care here? We already have such a thread in the german part of this forum and I have not seen a single GM/CM post in there nor any fixes that came because of that thread. It was created in 2018.

  • I will be straightforward :)

    It's great to know the DE part has a similar thread. This thread is not about fixes or feedback. You've often complained about removed posts. From now on, posts that are removed apart from just simply terrible (cursing) language will be moved here so you can still see them. This thread is not for fixes, nor is it intended to be for fixes. Those will continue to be from other threads in the forum.

    You may release your venting and complaints here without repercussion.

    I fully believe whatever post I have removed or threads I have closed to be for a good reason. If you wish to complain or vent, you may do so here or in a PM to a staff member on the forums. You do not have to use this thread, it is up to you.

    "Patch by patch you missed the opportunity to make a change" - I highly disagree, patches and fixes are not easy, but when we do release a patch, there are improvements, bug fixes, and adjustments.

    Of course, not everything is peachy and everything takes time to iron out. As I have mentioned many times before, Bug testing team recruitment is open if you would like to help with this endeavour! We currently have a one-man team, it is not quite enough.

    Lastly we will not be replying forums every single day as we are very busy people. Perhaps once a week. Thank you for your understanding :)

  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting our support.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to get an appropriate answer regarding ingame queries.

    Please directly contact a CM via forum to report your issue. We hope you will get a faster and more helpful answer using this way.

    We apologize for the circumstances.



    Then you go to the forums, and this happens.

    Such irony.

    Not really gotten a helpfull answer at all guys ...

    Where is my helpfull answere?

    This ticket was send a few days ago.

    Well atleast it didn’t take 2 weeks for a response like some cleric in game wich gifting stopped working.

    But he got help and they fixed it.

    If it is to buy more they are more readily available to fix issues it seems.

    Maybe I should word my question differently?!

    Dear gamigo, I am unable to buy more sc shop items due to a enchantment bundle issue, please help.

    Maybe they will fix it if i spend enough.

  • By saying to contact a CM on forums it means to PM CM Zao on the forums. It has nothing to do with how much you spent overall.

    The time and day you sent your message does matter though :)

    You can PM Zao by going to his forum profile page and clicking the person icon and 'create conversation' option. Be aware his PM box is usually closed when he is on holiday. It is mentioned in the 'another new CM' thread that is pinned in the member subsection when he is on holiday.

    In the usual case, a CM will deduct the sc from your account and send the item if it is a technical fault that you can't access a sale or gift after reaching the correct requirements.

  • That's a bit to late honeyteddy.

    Maybe fix the ticket system.. so it actually works..

    it seems to have to do with how much people spend as that cleric got his fix trough the ticket system rather quickly.

    You know, like how it works in every game?

    Me having to pm a cm is a bit ridiculous.

    he can simple see my forum post and react.

    You can simply tell him. (wich is your job, to help people and the community)

    Instead of removing posts and calling me toxic hatefull and a lyer.

    Maybe you could even tell the team that it might be a good idea to make enchant bundles account bound.

    Maybe you could tell the team that the t2 bogo bundle had an issue where it gave 20 lucky stones...

    Just maybe.

  • I’ve always found the GMs answers nice to read over; and to an extent insightful. However, I think they are not given the information required to complete the voluntary position they are doing. If they are they are not allowed to disclose it.

    I also find gamigo’s slow speed in releasing patches/fixes/content too slow and erratic. This makes the community resentful and at times we take it out on said GMs when in actuality they haven’t done a thing wrong.

    What would be nice is for the CMs to reply more often with the community and outline what the next 13 week plan is with time scales every quarter. If something isn’t going to be delivered on time it would be nice to know why.

    The direction gamigo want to send the game in is often unclear.

    The actions they are taking behind the scenes are never known.

    There are no time scales which leaves the players base scratching at their head as to when something is going to occur?

    If I’m being frank I just feel the whole management structure and the way work is being delivered is sloppy. Something I am surprised with since when gamigo took over the rights to fiesta I was very excited.

    What they could do is once every quarter (once every 13 weeks) they could outline what they want to deliver. Example

    This quarter our main aim is to achieve the class rebalance.

    If this can be done the aim after this is to encourage new/older players to return. This will be done via xyz if this isn’t achieved in said quarter this will become the main aim in Q2

    Q2 aim is to grow player base this will done via xyz

    Aim once this is done is to re evaluate the levelling between x and y

    Q3 aims in Q2 were hit meaning our main aim

    In q3 is insert aim this will be done like >

    I just feel nothing was learned from the designer pack fiasco.

    Apologies for typo in commuter traffic on boarding a train as we speak.

  • First of all, I think that the problem isn't that you're replying to people's threads, it's what you're saying (or not as the case may be). For example, we as a community are telling you that there are issues with rebalancing, that enhancement needs looking at, coming up with gold sink ideas etc, and at best we will get a response along the lines of either "this isn't possible, just stop asking for this!" or "thanks for your suggestion".....and then nothing ever happens with said suggestions.

    When this happens, and I'm not saying it's down to Zao or HoneyTeddy only, the community feels ignored and neglected. We get that real life happens, but when active threads that have been posted on for several weeks now are lacking a proactive, transparent response we get kinda cross. What we're after is details as to why something isn't possible after it has happened in the past or we need to see that you guys are actually working on some of our suggestions. Like, if you have to do a business plan/presentation to the devs to get an idea into the game, then perhaps let us see it and make constructive, positive steps in making the idea what we envision before the devs see it. OK so we won't be able to completely change it, and not everyone will like every idea, but you could maybe let us read the document and then answer a short survey on it? Then you'd know if it's something we want, and in the way we want it.

    That sounds like I'm a demanding toddler, but in reality if you don't keep people wanting to play, then the game and your job/volunteer role goes down the toilet, and we as a community very much feel like we're an after thought to everything you do. You need to get the community spirit back into the game, and being transparent on things like this will be a huge leap in the right direction.

    Also, you guys need to be more friendly. Posts like this just anger people. Let us see you working on a good relationship with players in and out of the game. Yes, it'll take a huge commitment on your part, but at the end of the day isn't that what you signed up for when you took the role on? You guys are the face of the company and we need to see it more :)

  • Sorry but I won this event because I was the first one to submit a submission. Not sure why the timeframe was so long, if it was 5 days I would have won the competition as no one else had posted by then.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • This post is an attack on the players. We will rise in rebellion, not on this offtopic area but in the general discussion section of the forum.

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