i have 3 quests bugged

  • the message 4 is bugged cant turn in after its complete its a 113 Q

    also strange town chief valliere lvl 119 Q

    and most inportant prosper to bera lvl 118 Q the quest u need done to get the repeats to lvl 121 ...

    i have send a ticket like 4 days ago i havent heard anything im stuck with my char Dutchangel .. hope to get it fixed soon

  • it is still not fixed why dos it take so long pff just delete the Q in my list and ill try again cuz it only happend to a few the bug

  • The ticket will then state to make a post about it on the forum.

    Then they tell you to send a ticket.

    Feels like a never ending story honeyteddy.

    It’s better to just wait or pm a CM directly I think. The ticket system seems to be broken.

    After making a ticket I only lost time since it told me this in the reply after days.

    Might aswel pm zao :)

    Not that they can’t see this...

    Or know of the issue...

    Kind of strange a ticket is still needed if they know the underlying problem and issue and who is affected.

  • I am aware that your plight is not an isolated case. This often depends on the type of ticket/issue you have. Some issues may involve the CM, some may not.

    Removing a quest certainly doesn't fall in CM or forum territory. Please send a ticket if you need your quest removed.

  • How strange honeyteddy.

    On one side you can tell us it is hard to solve the underlying issue.

    Wich means you had contact with the people who are fixing this... or others who are aware of the issue.

    But on the other side you don’t know these people and she has to send a ticket. What’s the point, if you can not simply inform the right people to help this person.

    Another weird thing you just pointed out is that my response from the ticket system seems to be wrong.

    You say it is not the job of a cm to do, so that means a cm can not fix my issue either. Yet you tell me to do this.

    But now you say they can’t.

    Interesting reply honeyteddy

  • You are mixing up two different things.

    It is hard to solve the underlying issue, which is causing the quest not to be able to turn in, in the first place. Whether I have direct contact or not is irrelevant. This has nothing to do with tickets.

    I am not in the office and do not have the required tools to solve your technical issues, furthermore, we have a standard system in place, called tickets which is the correct official point of contact to get help for these issues.

    Finally, I said your response from the ticket system is not an isolated case, we are aware and trying to remedy this. There are some issues which a CM has to fix and some that the ticket support has the tools to fix. In the case the ticket support is fully able to fix, the CM will be able invest time in other higher priority areas.

    Yes I am telling you to send a ticket if you need a quest removed.

  • i have an issue with the lvl 83 quest from Maxuter and julian one i cant hand in the other i cant accept it the Maxuter one i cannot get the box to come up when clicking on him at all which means i am missing around four further quests after that one the Julian one is compensatable but cannot complete it it just wont do it

    i have asked in game if anyone else is having this issue and everyone who responded said they had same issue. Please can this be fixed..

  • how long till its fixed though as it seems you guys have been aware of this problem for a while what is taking so long as we are missing out on alot of exp from those quests which makes it harder to level. This is unfair that it has not been fixed sooner

  • well to add to this i have been patient :D i have been able to pick the quests up finally on my chara Manaiah but now cannot hand them in to either Maxuter or Julian this is getting very frustrating i appreciate that things can take time but for bugs that are known im not sure why they havent been fixed properly ?? i am trying to be patient its just getting frustrating when you are trying to lvl up but held back by not having the quests to do to actually lvl up and the rep at this lvl is worthless doing really as has very low exp for that lvl so yeah hope you can understand why it is frustrating for me to not have the exp from those quests its taking longer to lvl and is harder too thank you for listening and hopefully getting these issues fixed asap :D

  • Hi!

    I have a few quests that are bugged on a character as well. They all stem from Burning Rock (mostly from Mauxter), and I know others have mentioned it in the game, but I was told by GM yesterday to put it here anyways just encase:

    I need anit-venom - lvl 80 (this one comes from Julian)

    Crossing a path with Julian - lvl 83

    Please help us recover our memories - lvl 85

    Tainted holy ground - lvl 85

    Event with no purpose 5 - lvl 86

    The Merchant's Pride - lvl 86

    Maxuter's request - lvl 87

    Stone Statue repair - lvl 90

    Final Rest 1 - lvl 90