Enchantment bundles Issues question

  • What do you do if ya buy a high level bundle, and you accidently press one of those instead of a lower level one while enchanting low level gear on your perm.

    Are you doomed?

    Why are enchant stones level bound but enchant bundles are not!? Makes no sense.

    I got bundles on a perm now that I can not even use.

    I can't possibly be the only one with this issue? Why is this not fixed yet?

  • Another simple option would be if gamigo for once fixed bugs and things that shouldn't happen.

    I can give ya multiple simple fixes:

    Account bound bundles instead of character bound

    Level requirement bundles

    Make it so enchantment is possible at any level

    It's absolutely not hard to fix so why are so many things still broken???

    Another example is that level 40+ quest werebear fighter sole of the foot.

    Why is that still not fixed after all this time ?

    Mapping still brings you to the navars, items still drop from navars, no changes made whatsoever.

    I can make a whole list of these bugs that have been in the game for years but nothing has changed.

  • "With time, I'm sure it will be fixed"

    By the time gamigo fixes anything isya will be dead.

    Changing an item from character bound to account bound shouldn't be such a big task.

    As someone who is a software tester, I can not believe no one saw this.

    I do not believe gamigo tests anything with the amount of bugs around.

    You can not excuse this, you should know this would become an issue to begin with.

    This is not a code issue but a plannig and didn't think issue.

    Any player on this game that actually plays the game and doesn't dance infront of shatian all day could tell you that would be an issue.

  • How many years did gamigo have to change this? please remind me?

    Was the level cap the same with outspark? Did outspark listen to the playerbase?

    Let's compare both then shall we:


    -All servers booming, full

    -Moderate pay to win

    -Listens to the playerbase most of the time

    -actually played the game

    -Support system that works, GM's online to ask questions,.

    -Works on broken things instead of blaming the player or telling him to level a perm to 100


    -1 server allive hanging on for dear life

    -Extremely pay to win to the point people become toxic and quit the game

    -Does opposite of what playerbase wants, listens to people who haven't sold anything in a muschroom ever because they sell cash shop items. People often don't have any experience in playing the actual game and do not know how to make money appart from their credit card.

    -do not play the game and lack any basic knowledge

    -Broken support system often taking weeks for a simple automated response, GM's never online

    -player with an issue gets told he is the problem and should solve it himself

  • Again, at that time neither Gamigo nor Outspark did the inside work on the game. That part was in the hands of Ons On Soft Ltd. It wasn't Gamigo's suggestion for you to level a perm to use the bundles. That was a suggestion from me as an alternative solution (sorry for that, I should have worded it better in the previous post), and I don't work for them.

  • I have talked to them, they have lost any form of faith in Gamigo and would rather just manage their guilds.

    Some also tell stories about the corruption that took place within. Or how they where never heard and how gamigo only cared about money.

  • OS days was cuz the game was new and the mmorpg era, ofc itll be blooming as with most new games.

    Gamigo is not to blame for the game heading into pay to win, that was already introduced in OS days and Ons On soft kept making new pay to win things. Stronger. Better. OS just died before they could feel the full burden of it.

    I would love to have several Gms be active in game again, but you should know GMs are all volunteers. They have their own lives.

    BUFF pre-level 110 CRUSADERS PLOX
    The Crusade

  • "I would love to have several Gms be active in game again, but you should know GMs are all volunteers. They have their own lives."

    Plenty of old GM's are active in the game and talk about it. They just tell you if you talk to them...

    But they all gave up because of gamigo not because of Ons On soft.

    Ofcourse all these cap players nowadays are hard to talk to and most of them don't bother with new players.

    Can't blame them either.

    I had a very pay to win friend who turned toxic because he felt he was scammed by his spending.

    He spend 200 bucks and didn't get anything in return. (enchantment system, broken braces system...)

    Eventually he stopped playing and now he left.

    There are so many issues in the game that no one on here talks about, in fear of getting banned.

    Or because they do not bother anymore.

    Plenty of other stuff in game makes people turn toxic.

    Some examples;

    Portal disconects

    KQ disconects

    Tower disconects after leaving

    Broken quests

    High levels being pay to play

    Immense pressure of pay to win at high levels

    I am sure anyone who plays this game can add 100+ things to this list

    The way people talk on these forums is not the way people talk in the game.

    Most people who play the game do not bother to go here because of all the corruption and gamigo only listening to the 1% who spends 10 000 euro.

    Anyone who plays this game knows this, talk to anyone in the game.

    "OS days was cuz the game was new and the mmorpg era, ofc itll be blooming as with most new games."

    That's a funny joke :)

    The game at OS days was getting bigger and bigger to the point where you had to click multiple times to join a server.

    Gm's in OS days had more power, where a lot more active, held fun events a lot!

    The ticket system at OS days was a lot better.

    In OS days you could open a mushroom and leave without it dcing after an hour.

    In OS days there was no christmas tree in roumen in the middle of the summer.

    Store was a LOT cheaper.

    Drop rate was a lot higher (no 100% rants no one asked for)

    I can go on for a while but I will keep it at that.

  • Which old gms

    we do complain about a lot of the things u just mentioned. General chat just not the place to report it

    And its not a joke. U can join any new game and itll always be populated. If its even half decent itll go up for the first few years then dive down. I dont need to mention any game as proof cuz most if not all games have this early spike to downfall rythm, unless pewdiepie plays the game or something. Then everyone bandwagons the game

    OS days it was getting bigger only becasue as I said, it was still pretty new.

    BUFF pre-level 110 CRUSADERS PLOX
    The Crusade

  • I dont think a single of of you in this post know about OS days lol

    GM's worked for OS at the time we didnt have Volunteers

    Skins were in cash shop every month a dif skin

    No boxes for skins

    Enhancement rate was so so (we didnt have braces)

    SC items were not over powered like they are now.

    Hammers did not exist (Hammers ruined game)

    Farming was a huge thing and OS made sure to keep farming s a key point in game. Gamigo killed farming with hammers and forces you to charm to farm at high lvls. you cant gear at 135 without ether selling SC buying gems (black market) or farming on low lvl alts.

    I have offered multiple times and so have other players who have played this game since the start to give gamigo insight into how to fix the state of the game. gamgio does nothing but ban us and limit what we can say. you guys have a max of a year before uruga is a ghost town on isya even less if one of the current raiding guilds quit and moves to another games.

  • Thank the lord finally someone who gets it. Thank you sepiroth.

    Hammers is the reason I stopped playing long ago.

    I started way back in 2008 on the EU server so things might be slightly different.

    The points you make are the same points I make to many people.

    I never bothered much with cash shop except for enchants but what you say is true.

    Isya will be dead very fast if they refuse to listen. They can ignore all they want but dead of isya is inevitable with the current path.

    More people like sepiroth need to speak up here.

    You might think you are allone but 90% of the people in the game seem to agree that gamigo is destroying the game. And most of them do not speak up. And those are the people I try to represent.

    A silent majority.

    The guild thing is also completely true.

    Very few people are putting a massive amount of gems out of their own pocket into academies.

    Other academies then plvl alts to take this money and put it in their academies. This happens at massive scale.

    Also these GM’s often have not vended a day in their life because they sell cash shop items. (A very famous one literally told me he has never vended a day in his life and wouldn’t know any other way of making money then selling cash shop items)

    To give you all a rough example this person spend around 10 000 euro on the game and funds around 500 gem of his own into his academy.

    Another famous gm active on forum does the same thing.

    Not going to name, these people know who they are.

  • I may not have the authority to talk about internal circumstances or decisions, but I can tell you as a GM, not only do I vend often, and face the very same issues as the rest of you, such as disconnections, and inflated gear prices, but also I do not spend much money out of pocket into this game as some people seem to think. I find it funny every time you mention these assuming our current GM team are not playing (at all) or are big spenders when we aren't. Just so you know, I personally have not sold SC items to make money. Over time, the GM team has been made up of a variety of members. Just because a previous member mentioned something doesn't mean it is true for all or true currently. Please stop spreading false information about the team.

    I can see why you think we do not play (and all this means is we're doing a great job of hiding our real identities), but fact is we all play this game when time allows.

    Fact is, the disconnections are a very strange and complicated thing everyone at Gamigo are trying to solve, but it is simply not working out as well as we'll like. There is no point for me to voice frustration at something that cannot be helped by voicing frustration alone. We simply forward as much information as we can, anything that can help to improve this situation. And changes are being made internally every working day to combat this DC problem. You can help by providing information in the threads by Veralya and Zao requesting such information, sending a ticket or sending the bug crash report from the system when you game crashes (we know this is sometimes buggy, but it does work and the Gamigo team makes efforts to ensure it's working).

    Yes this game has a bucketload of problems, and we're all aware and frustrated about that, but it doesn't mean that by getting frustrated that something will be solved. Do we care? Certainly if we didn't we would have left long ago like the other previous GMs you have discussed about. The key to the fix for the animation issue after the initial change to animation for example was suggested by a member of the GM team. The compromise to allow EU EN to 'merge' into other EU servers despite the firm decision not to allow this? Yeah also an effect of members of the GM team. We don't have absolute power, but we aren't doing nothing.

    There are several reasons why we are not responding. We aren't authorized to answer or we don't have an answer, or perhaps we are just too busy. We are volunteers, human beings, and also players of this game.

    If you want GMs to be more active, I suggest joining the team as most of us have complicated lives and not that much time to be online.

    One more thing I'll like to add. Since I have taken over forums at the end of last year, there haven't been cases of people banned for voicing ideas for improvements or changes in the forums. Not once. If you were banned, it was for something else, for example, trolling, spamming, false information, etc. Very, very rarely has there been bans in the last year. On the other hand, useless posts with no critical information may be removed without warning.

    As for enhancement bundles, a decision was made years ago that only weapon skins will be moved back to your premium inventory (via ticket support). The decision was made to free up time for the ticket team to work on other more important requests. I also understand the frustrations of taking the wrong items out, but there is nothing that can be done for you in this present time. For enhancement bundles, you at least have the option of upgrading your item at Karis level, which is not level locked.

    Thank you for your understanding,


  • You are missing the entire point that I made. That a small minority of guild masters is funding academies by selling cash shop items. And these people are keeping the economy somewhat allive and take care of the new players. And maybe one of those was a Game master. I am defending both sides as I am friends with most of these people. There are some wonderfull people in there who want the game to thrive on both sides. But these people seem te be fed up with gamigo on both sides of the spectrum. That’s what we trying to explain to you. Also maybe I volunteered.. you should know. And maybe these Game masters who quit are still playing and talk about it freely. Wich they do. If you talk to everyone and are open to listen you get to know a lot. Maybe gamigo should try that. Might work. I gave them multiple easy ways to fix my issue. Instead of blaming me.. fix this simple issue, make bundles account bound. No one gains from emotional blaming. And many people here give great suggestions but gamigo does the opposite so they do get frustrated yeah. A simple example:

    Players want way to stop exp gain for perms, gamigo makes another pay to win item out of it exploiting this. No one is happy, no one gains.

    Players want more drop rate, gamigo lowers drop rate and ads 100% war rent. No one likes this, no one happy. Now we just gota pay more for same drop rate in OS days.

    Players ask for simple reward system if you log in, gamigo adds tedious quests and make it a chore... The decision making is just downright bad.

    I wouldn’t be here if not severely concirmed and sad about that.

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