Massive frame drops

  • I decided to play some fiesta online again, yesterday the game seemed to work fine with some framerate issues but I fixed them by restarting the game, today I'm dropping even more frames to the point that the game is unplayable and no amount of restarting is helping, I thought I was the only one with this issue because I saw no forum posts, but when my friend joined she started having the same problems

  • There are multiple in-game settings that might help reduce the amount of strain being put on your computer (therefore fixing the frame rate issue). Try some of these:
    - Turn off character effects

    - Turn off screen vibration effect

    - Turn off weapon effect

    - Reduce background loading distance

    - Turn off shadows

    - Turn off antialiasing (This may reduce quality as it smoothes pixelated edges)

    There are a few other settings that it may help to play around with too. And remember that in major towns, you can press Shift+Z to hide all other players unless you're in a party.

    I used to play on a laptop with only 4GB RAM so even with all of these settings you may still have some significant frame drops, them's just the breaks. If you do have a fairly slow or old PC it may help to ensure you only run one copy of Fiesta at a time and close all other applications before playing.

  • I guess I should've mentioned that in the post it self but I did try all of that and nothing helped, plus the game used to work fine before with all the settings turned on, so it's definitely not a hardware problem