[Feedback] We want your feedback on the server stability!

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: SEPHIR0TH

    Map: SK

    What is / was your problem: Missing stone vender and random Bin during Aoe's

    Info: The NPC at SK is missing she is needed to restone so I dont need to leave SK also SK still Bins players during AOE's and other attacks.

    Also I would like for hidden mine to be removed from the game so I dont have to do it anymore

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Exist

    Map: Khazul's Refuge

    What is / was your problem: The stone vendor in Khazul's Refuge is missing.

    Info: The stone merchant in Khazul's Refuge seems to be missing after last maintenance.

  • Server: Jenira

    Character name: Kentomaru

    Map: Any map (currently in Uruga)

    What is / was your problem: The random disconnects that occur around this time (00:42 for the fifth disconnect) has started. Been kicked off 5 times now within a few minutes.

    Info: Slightly worse than before the patch, happens a bit more often now.

  • Server: Isya

    Character: Shandii

    Map: elderone and uruga

    Problem: can only vend less than an hour even with character hide mode. Always DCing

    Time: no specific time, been trying to set up my vendor at different times of the day and still getting DCed less than an hour in

    Info: worse .
    Did not have this problem before the most recent merge.

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: NiteRae/CorRae

    Map: Uruga

    What is / was your problem: Vending unstable even in hide mode. If it sits and idles too long I get DC

    Info: Slightly worse than before the patch. A 2nd account on came comp can usually manage to stay connected longer, no matter if i pull that account up first or second. Could it be possible to the fact that it has characters lvl 90 and lower on it? Because sometimes I feel my lower levels have A LOT less lag/DCs.

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Apparatus

    Map: Roumen

    What is / was your problem: Lag in Elderine and Uruga.

    Can we get a zone like Lucky House port from each major city, to a area called Market where everyone can set up their venders? it would help when trying to quest and not buy things and improve the quality of game play in towns, i understand its one more place to load to but if youre not buying anything its not

    Info: Better / Equal / Worse - Worse

  • Server:Isya

    Characters: any of mine

    Issue: My friends are online but when i try to log in it states fiesta is under maintence. didn't have this problem before patch

    Death isn't the end but only the beginning. FEAR THE SHARPIE

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  • Server : Isya

    any character

    I keep freezing when I enter SoD. I can warp out with a scroll and be perfectly fine in AR. Never had this problem before

  • I've logged in and set up a store on my personal character..was on for 6hrs + with no dc issues. That's the longest I've been able to vend for a long long time! Usually 5-10 minutes and I was dc'd. Kudo's to the DEV team! Overall gameplay is also much more stable, with no random dc's every few minutes.

  • Don't see any change to be honest, still the usual disconects.. even more lately then usual..

    I highly doubt that 6 hour one was a normal occurance..

    Try that on multiple chars now...

    Multiple maps...

    FACTORS are importnant.

    1 test can not give an accurate portroyal

    As someone who practices software testing as a paid job and not an unpaid gamigo worker...

    I can tell you, you would have to do atleast multiple tests on multiple maps with multiple factors..

    Most software companies even ask for a 100% test, meaning that we have to test EVERYTHING, every factor possible..

    So yeah 1 test with a good result in this case can be discarded as irrelevant or luck.

    Kind of akward, someone who works for free for gamigo complimenting gamigo..

    If I was testing for gamigo I would give them a big NO GO

    Meaning the product can't go live because there are to many bugs and glitches...

    Too many dc's

    Too many kq dc's (had 3 today)

    In OS days people could leave a vendor open and 3 days later realize they forgot to turn of their PC and the vendor would still be there..

    If a private server is more capable than the original game we have a serious problem...

    Wich is the case... private servers had vending areas... stable servers... marketplace that works.. better balance.. more updates

    This should not be the case!

  • It's wonderful that you are leaving feedback, but we cannot solve anything without more specifically related information. We are asking for the following in this thread:


    Character name:


    What is / was your problem: disconnection when Mapwechsel / teleport to the KQ / etc.

    Info: Better / Equal / Worse

    We fully understand the importance of multiple tests on multiple maps with multiple factors, which is also another reason we are asking for feedback. Saying it wasn't like this in OS times, fact or doesn't help. Does it matter if Seryn is a unpaid staff when she has found the servers to be more stable? I don't think so.

    Please understand different people have different experiences while you may be DCing, or everyone may be DCing in a certain map, people who do not go on that map or simply a different person may not have the same connection problems you are facing. I have seen cases of players disconnecting a lot, while another smaller group of players is able to vend in game for days.

    Do you notice that you're not the only one? Please leave more specifically detailed feedback on what you were doing and when the DC happens, as well as send in those crash reports if your game crashes. Do you notice any specific factors? What are they? Is there something you find that triggers a DC every single time? Please report it.

    There is a thread for server outages/map outages/server disconnection here and ongoing lags here: https://fiesta.gamigo.com/foru…s/&postID=84975#post84975

    Uncomfortable with showing the whole world? PM a staff or send a ticket.

    Thank you,


  • Server: Isya

    Character Name: All characters

    Map: Elderine and Uruga

    Previous Problem: Constant DC while trying to vend. Maximum time was around 3-5 hours

    After last maintenance: I have not disconnected on multiple vendors for the past 3 days straight. Do not know what you did, but it is working! Reading the previous posts, it seems this is not general across the board, but I am sure not complaining about how the server stability has positively changed for me.


  • Server: isya

    Character name: H_L3XTACY_K

    Map: elederine

    my concern is twice i have done my dailies (106-110) and upon turn in i do not get any exp.

    i will try to get a screen shot of the confirmation showing quest done but showing no exp gained.

    which leads me to why i am posting it here, it seems like when i turn in the quest everything freezes for a second when quest dialog is complete.

  • Server: Pagel

    Character name: Kathy

    Map: Any map

    After the last maintenance 29.10.19 it was announced that the bug where we could see a mount without a rider is fixed. That is a lie, it is not fixed. The same day as the maintenance was done I saw a mount without a rider. Made me laugh. So much for a bug fix, which is still not fixed.

    When that is said - the disconnection is less, but not all gone. I get them still, and It is still not consistency in where I am, what I am doing or what character I am playing with. It is still on Pagel. Also have the location bug still. Meaning I can get killed by a mob, but I can not kill it because of the location bug that is telling me I am too far away so I can not hit the mob. Even when running or using a mount to get to a herb or wood when farming I get the location bug, cant open any of them unless I move a step or two to the side. On my screen I am still next to the herb/wood.

  • Server: Isya

    Character Name: All characters

    Map: All maps

    Regardless of time of day or day of the week I disconnect on all of my characters on 2 of my 3 accounts after having been logged in for exactly 2 hrs!
    it does not matter which character on the account i log in to, it wil always disconnect after 2 hrs
    The strange thing is that on 1 of my accounts i do not disconnect
    If i have 2 characters logged in and one of those characters was logged in half an hr later it wil disconect half an hr later than the other character aswell so it is not my connection !
    And sinds it is exactly 120 minutes between login and disconnect every time it is highly unlikely to be random.

  • Server: Pagel

    Character: Daizy

    Map: KQ Arena

    Just got disconnected from the KQ Arena 60-70. Got the message "Disconnected from the world server". When trying to log back in I am not able to. All I get is "Connection to servers has failed".

    This is so frustrating and annoying and everything in between. I so want to scream. Since I can't log back in I have now lost 5 Arena Coins with PinPin1. I don't know if others were disconnected as well.

    I guess doing a emergency maintenance while people are in KQ should be looked at - all that participated in KQ during emergency maintenance should be rewarded with a win.

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