[Feedback] We want your feedback on the server stability!

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    Dear Community,

    With today's server restart, we have made some server-side adjustments and now want your feedback!

    Link: Server Restart 09/17/2019

    Let us know in this thread if you notice something while playing!

    Are the servers running smoother and you have fewer disconnects? Excellent! Leave us a comment in the thread!

    Nothing has changed or got worse !? That would be a pity and the more important is your feedback!

    How should you give the feedback?


    Character name:


    What is / was your problem: disconnection when Mapwechsel / teleport to the KQ / etc.

    Info: Better / Equal / Worse


    Thank you for your feedback!

    Best regards,

    Your Fiesta Online team

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Kirito

    Map: Adealia Valley

    What is / was your problem: Constant bins while doing twister rep. I'm in the middle of killing something and my client crashes with the bin error. Probably happens once every few mins

    Info: Equal / Worse

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Khrystal_Klear

    Map: CP1/Uruga

    What is / was your problem: Same time as usual around 2am/pm gmt SPAM disconnects on both Accounts

    Info: Equal

  • I dont know if this was fixed at the restart but I do notice an improvement in farming herbs etc with the change in the position of the character from kneeling down to a pick axe movement instead of 5 tries to get the herb etc to drop it now is almost perfect and drops every time only once in a while does it fail now, good job with this fix!

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: ForestDweller

    Map: Elderine

    What is / was your problem: Disconnection while vendoring and/or staying in Elderine map

    Info: Worse

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Madeline

    Map: Elderine/Adelia Valley/Anywhere

    What is / was your problem: Bins from doing puzzles at Elderine / Bins when Dark Nepilim goes tornado / Dc'ing.

    Info: Worse

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: KhrystalKlear

    Map: Everywhere

    What is / was your problem: Same issue again tonight Spam D/c affecting me and people around me at the same time of 1-2am gmt can't stay online at all.

    Info: Same as usual. =

  • Server: Isya & Pagel

    Character name: Proxy (but any of the chars I do play is affected)

    Map: Roumen (but any map apply)

    What is / was your problem: constant DCs.

    I am able to stay in game for few minutes then I get disconnect, but sometimes the DCs appear to be worse and I disconnect as soon I log in game.

    - This does happen every time on tuesday and thursday (one day prior and one day after the old maintenance day), and starts around 1:00 - 2:00 am server time.

    - Some players appear to be affected more than others, especially europeans, but I'm not quite sure if the location is an element that matters since there are reports coming from worldwide players, though some lucky ones don't experience DCs at all.

    - There is no difference between Pagel or Isya as the Dcs appear to be the same whatever server I choose.

    - I think this began to happen with the 07/03/2019 patch, when it was annouced that there have been workings behind the scenes to remove tech debt from the code.

    - I am not doing anything in particular while getting these DCs (such as warping in a KQ, going trough a gate, etc), I usually leave my character afk for my attendance and it happens (there is no correlation to my in game activity and these Dcs).

    Info: I'd say it's equal as before, I don't bother to log untill some hours later when the server get stable and there are no longer waves of DCs.

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  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Any

    Map: Any

    What is / was your problem: Constant dc around the same times normally. Between 1:00 and 2:00am server time. Normally same days. Middle of the week. Wed/Thurs

    Info: Worse

  • I can't log in at all. I havent played this in years but i tried to get in and it just says connection to server has failed. Beginning to think coming back to this game was just a waste of my time. I have all of my firewalls and things turned off so thats not the issue, and i dont use a proxy. I can log into other mmo's just fine. below is a link to a screenshot.


    UPDATE: it seems it might be an issue with xtrap....


  • For what it's worth, I have found server MUCH more stable on my personal characters. A bit of rubber banding in Uruga but...overall so much better.

    Rubber banding is your potato PC and net

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Dovahcaine

    Map: Uruga/FBZ3

    What is / was your problem: Constant binning on all clients. Some days it's better, some days it's worse. In FBZ3 especially, I will bin and the whole client window will just close down. This began after not the most recent patch, but the one before it. Before that patch stability was actually decent.

    [EDIT]: I've also heard that the archers skills powershot/aimshot seem to trigger the bins but I haven't properly checked that out. 10 minutes ago I was standing in uruga and all clients shutdown, so it's probably not that.

    Info: Worse. Duh.

    ok but perm dragon horns when

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  • Server: Isya

    Character name: _iAsian_

    Map: Uruga

    What is / was your problem: was checking my vendor and just witnessed about 15 vends, getting out of vend an then poofing, Simultaneously. A few seconds later, my vend disconnected also.

    Empty space is where the mass of people just dc'd at once

    :/Buff Crusaders at all levels:/

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: CupcakeCupid

    Map: CP2

    What is / was your problem: 12pm - went afk 2 mins, so sat in my mushroom house. No mobs were in my little corner of the map. Came back to a dc. Seems to happen whenever I afk for more than a minute as I had this before the patch too.

    Info: Equal

  • Server: Isya

    Character name: Aerro

    Map: Uruga

    What is / was your problem: I keep disconnecting whenever I stand still for too long. I go get a drink, or something to eat and if I am gone too long I come back to an error message stating Unforeseen Error. It is in one of those report windows, and I select do not send because I believe they still do not work. Next time I'll get a screen shot if I can.

    Info: Worse, I usually have no problem being on for days or even weeks at a time.


    EDIT: unknown.png

    Fiesta Online Invite

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  • Server: Isya

    Character name: SerpensCauda

    Map: Elderine, Uruga, Roumen, Alberstol Ruins

    What is / was your problem: Disconnect after approximately 30 minutes when vending. Occasional disconnects when clicking on warp gates. Random disconnects on any map.

    Info: No change in vending DCs (all vending ends in DC) although I now receive a message that reads "disconnected from world server." Gate and random DCs have increased.

  • Server: Pagel (used to be at Isya)

    Character name: Kathy or any other character that I can use on the server.

    Map: Any map, any town, anywhere.

    What is/was your problem: Disconnection from the server. Happens when I have vendor open, happens when I am standing doing nothing, happens when I pull mobs (getting killed because of lagging/pullbacks). Sometimes I get a message "disconnected from the server/disconnected from the world server", sometimes the game just close without warning and sometimes I get the message "an unexpected error has occurred" and I get the choice of sending an error report, which I can not send because there is an error there too. After the server maintenance in early august the bugs has gotten lot worse.

    Sometimes when having more than one client on they start poofing off, one by one. When logging back in I sometimes is kicked off the server almost even before I get back in, sometimes it takes the amount of time for me to get another client back in and the first one is off again. This can happen 5/10 times before it kind of settles down, but when I am in a raid or in a party where other players are depending on my help it is very frustrating. Other players can die because of that stupid/annoying bug.

    After the last server maintenance the implementation of the extra animation time when casting a skill has had me killed more times after that then before. As a mage I can now cast lightning chain and I have to wait for that skills animation to finish before I can cast another skill. That is just a load of "£%$^%&. If Gamigo add extra time in the animation when casting a skill then they should have shortened the cooldown time of the skills at the same time, but nuuuu... they just added more time before I can cast the next skill. For a cleric it is more difficult to be able to keep party members alive because I have to wait for the animation to finish before I can cast the next skill. For tankers and other damage dealers it is a gamble of weather manage to stay alive or die. I guess I am the only one that have noticed this, but I find it annoying and unfair. Any mob can perm stun, poison, bleed, slow me, they can cast their skill faster than I have any chance of doing.

    There is a potion bug: When I was doing Concealed peak and doing Giant Goblin King I suddenly could not use any potion at all. All I had was the stones and they could not keep me alive because they don't give much life when use and the cooldown is way too slow. So if I don't have charm, extender on it is a guarantee the I will die before I can say hi because of the perm stun and the amount of damage GGK can do to me when I am stunned and I have no chance of surviving without any SC items.

    Location bug: When using a mount and if I want to farm for herbs, on my screen, I get off next to the herb to farm it. Most of the time I can not pick it. I get the message that I am too far from away from it. I go, on my screen, 1 step to the side and then I can pick the herb. For me it looks like slow update of the game. Same goes when killing a mob, I can stand right next to it, I cast a skill and I can see I do no damage on the mob, but the mob can do damage on me. Why is that?

    After the maintenance in august the quest level 46 for the werebear fighter foot sole is now really screwed up. I can no longer get the drop from the werebear in goblin camp, I have to go to Collapsed prison second floor and kill a level 72 navairs. How does Gamigo think a level 46 is going to do against a level 72 mob? How on earth did you manage to screw up a coding like that in such a way that you have. To say a coding is old and need to be updated is nonsense, as long as the coding is working why on earth do you keep changing them?

    After the maintenance in august there are now several quests that is bugged (quest level 112 Wood delivery is one of them). I can not deliver them, they show as on reward even before I finish them, and when I get rid of the drop items for the quest the quest still show as on reward and I can not abandon the quest. How did you manage that??

    Another quest that is bugged is the 107 quest where I have to collect 100 feathers from the giant condors. I can collect the feathers, but I am not able to deliver them... and so on. Also - why on earth do the quest items stack into 99 and then 1? Why can't they stack to 100 so it only takes 1 spot in inventory?

    Also a low level quest is bugged, the Pickaxe delivery. When delivering the first part ALL the other axes disappear from inventory and the quest can not be finished.

    After the maintenance in beginning of September I have had - EVERY TIME I close the game, no matter how (by clicking the X or choose "quit game") I get the "Sorry. An unexpected error has occurred" and when I click "report an error" I get a new message saying "Error. Can't send error report to the server. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." Why does it happen EVERY TIME I close the game, no matter in what way I close it?

    When pointing out earlier about the lag/bugs and the disconnections I got this respond from Gamigo:

    "Going through the communication and the errors you mention, we noticed that some of them seem to stem from issues on your end. That doesn't mean we want to shun the responsibility; as we stated, we are constantly trying to improve the games and the connection to it for uninterrupted fun.

    But there are a few things you can check on your end to make sure nothing there is impeding with normal gameplay (please understand that we are not trying to shift blame or ignore problems; as stated, it is to minimize issues on your end independent of us improving connection and game stability; please don't dismiss these steps as unnecessary):

    1) It is very important to keep the Internet Explorer up to date, even if you don't usually use it as your browser. Make sure you have the latest version, and make sure to reset it to default settings

    2) Clean your browser's cache, cookies, and history. If you don't know how to do it, please check the following pages:

    Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/…ary-internet-files-folder

    Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache

    Chrome: https://support.google.com/acc…IE.Platform=Desktop&hl=en

    3) Make sure the game folder is added as an exception to your anti-virus and firewall settings

    4) Make sure all your drivers are updated

    5) Make sure you run the game as administrator

    6) Check your connection stability with your internet provider

    7) Check your computer for any harmful software, like malware or viruses

    8) Create a new Windows user account and try to run the game from there (if it works, it could mean that your original account is corrupted)

    9) See if you can have your hardware checked for issues; especially low-budget builds or purchases can lack the proper care in assembling the components, or even lack good and healthy components

    Thank you for your cooperation."

    Even though I said that I had bought a new PC this summer they still kind of said that "it is not us, it is you", and I still say "it is not me, it is you".

    Another player suggested I should defrag my HD every 2 hours so I would not lag. Now why would I do that when my PC is a brand new one and it is capable to run 10 fiesta games without any problems, but for some stupid reason the 3 fiesta games I can open will not stay open. I know it is not my PC.

    I believe that the server that Gamigo has is like a big HD in a PC and that it is split up in to sections for the German, French, Spanish and NA with Pagel nd Isya and the other servers. So when like Isya is high on users it will affect all the other servers as well because the high usage use a lot of recourses in order to be able to handle all the players, and that is were the lags/disconnections comes in. Meaning - If Gamigo have a dedicated server (not sharing it with any other sites/games) then they need to get a much bigger one. If they are sharing the server with someone else (like porn site, gambling site, information site, search site or any other sites you can think of) that takes a lot of the capacity of the server then they should consider getting a dedicated server. If they are sharing the server with anyone that can become very busy then that is where all the lag and disconnection comes in.

    I have sent a lot of power point to Gamigo with screen shot of the messages/bugs, but I don't think they like what I sent them. When reading these messages of the bugs that people are having I see that they are all the same that I have reported.... in time I guess the message back from Gamigo will be the same as I got. "it is not us, it is you".

    Happy reporting and happy gaming with the old and new bugs. :D

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  • Server: Isya & Pagel

    Character name: Proxy (but any of the chars I do play is affected)

    Map: Currently in Sand Hill, Roumen and Forest of Mist but location doesn't matter.

    What is / was your problem: DCs.

    I am basically doing nothing but staying online waiting for the attendance check up, but after some mins I get the Disconnect error and it does affects all my clients (mixed on Isya/Pagel) - I get DCs after around 5 mins of logging time.

    I am nothing anything particular but lurking the forum and the only application open is Discord, I can't think of anything that is causing this issue.

    I did not had any trouble before to complete my attendance but I seem to have troubles now due to these random DCs.

    Info: Worse, lot worse.

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