Soccer kq

  • This is how I think the soccer kq should be.

    1. Connected ball. When someone touches the ball it becomes connected to them in the sense that if they were to turn in any direction the ball would move with them instead of having to go around the ball to hit it in another direction. This would make it a lot easier to control and direct the ball while moving.

    2. A skill to pass the ball. Someone who has the ball but wants to pass it to their teammate can simply click on the teammate and use the "pass skill". However If an enemy player is in the line of the ball when it's being passed, the ball will go to that player instead. This skill should have a cool down time of 5 seconds.

    3. A skill to steal the ball. If an enemy player has the ball and you are near him/her, you can use the "steal skill" that will give the enemy player a slight knockback and the ball will now be connected to you, (NOT A HUGE KNOCKBACK LIKE THE ONE FROM THE BOXES IN THE KQ). This skill should have a cool down time of 5 seconds.

    4. A skill to shoot. There should be a skill that allows the player with the ball to kick the ball for when trying to score goals.

    No CD required for this skill.

    This is just what I thought would make the kq better. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.

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