Perm 120 Spectre Skill Build Help

  • Hello All!

    I'll start with a quick thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond. Thank you, it is appreciated.

    I've got a 120 Spec that I'm building to be a perm PvE char. I've just come across a few areas in the skill build that I would really appreciate some help with.

    First, with the soul consuming skills:

    Claw lunge has recently had its damaged buffed, but the empowerment was not buffed, due to this Flame slash now has lower base damage, but empowers to roughly the same when both have 5 points in damage. Are either of these worth it? Or are some of the prestige consuming skills more effective? (I've had someone suggest that Lethal Assult is a better choice?)

    And the BoTS... how do I work BoTS into a raid rotation?

    Are CD and dmg worth it on Soul Trap? or is just CD good enough?


    I've got CD on all soul generators (excluding Soul Slash) - is it worth adding points in damage to intimidation and Lacerate as they are probably the most frequently used skills?

    From here, for all other skills, I'm more or less clueless.

    Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks again guys!

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  • For a 120 perm I'd suggest Reaper over Spec since the SC Reaper SC gives Claw Lunge dmg, but since you've already made the char that probably can't be helped.

    CD on all soul gathering, including Soul Slash. With Trix cd empowerments being 50% for all skills at 5 points it's worth it.

    CD on Enfeeblement for consistent ices without being too reliant on other players.

    CD on Soul Trap, not dmg.

    CD on Force Slash could also be useful depending on how much extra mob control you might need.

    BotS I'd recommend being on voice chat with a Cleric so that you can coordinate when you need the heal, but CD can be worth it depending on which raid/dungeon you're doing.

    I haven't done much Claw Lunge vs Flame Slash testing on my Spec since the change since I've raided more with my Reaper. You can get a friend to help test in FBZ. I still like Flame Slash myself since each hit can crit individually.

    Master Scheme you want cd on as well.

    For Trix in general, you want to prioritize cd on soul gathering/cc and dmg on soul consuming. If you have extra points, then you can start doing some extra stuff such as dmg on Intimidation. Again, I haven't used a Spec to raid specifically at 120 so I don't know the optimized builds for that level, just the general Spec stuff.




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  • Thank you!

    That helps alot! :)