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  • :: Here's some of mine :)! Some may be a lil hush hush but you may ask me privately xD ::

    • How long have you been playing this game?

    2008, during Christmas Day :) I still remember it clearly that snowfall that greets me when I first play Fiesta but I had some breaks in between ofc

    • What age did you start join fiesta?

    I'd rather not mentioned this here xD if you need it do pm >w>

    • How did you find out about fiesta?

    Siblings were all so into it, so I wanted to be part of it but they end up quitting and Im stucked here till now

    • If you don't play anymore why did you stop playing?

    Legit answer, life happens, need to prioritize

    • If you don't play anymore are you playing any other game(s) atm which ones you play and are they online?

    Depends on my availability, I used to play RO2 (2012) then few more others that are mobile games like Crusader Quests, and I still stick on Uta Macross Smart-Phone Deculture mobile game until today

    • What were the things you really loved/love about the game?

    This game encourage you to party a lot. So either you are party person or not, you will at one point 'forced' to join forces to complete a mission/KQ thus forming some kind of link called 'friendship'. Some even lasted more than 10 years by now

    • What were the things you really hated/hate about the game?

    Toxicity., dc feast e-e

    • If you have to chose another game to play what are the things you look at to make sure you think you like the game?

    A very supportive community from both side; players and the company/staffs

    • Which study do you do or job do you have?

    I've had few experiences on job market; from teaching to journalism, and right this moment I'm studying Computer System Technology


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  • then you havent been keeping uptodate with every post on the forum that gets posted everyday.

    Been keeping up with the forum for quite some time now. You are the primary one going on and on about taking Gamigo down. I think you need to go back and reread the posts cause clearly you got confused down that road somewhere. Also, should be happy that Gamigo picked this game (NA Version) up instead of letting it die off with the others that went along side Outspark.

  • Aren't we off topic now? So let it go guys discuss this on another thread please.

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  • Nekkame ~ Sorry, couldn't help it with that guy/girl.

    Back to the topic:

    How long have you been playing this game?

    Since 2009

    How did you find out about Fiesta?

    Learned about it from a friend who played the game back then.

    If you don't play anymore why did you stop playing?

    Been playing off and on, but it all depends on the "IRL" things.

    If you don't play anymore, are you playing any other games? What are they and are they online?

    Fiesta is the main MMORPG I play although there are a few others and a few mobile APPs (if you count mobile APPs as games, because I really don't) that I deal with like Fire Emblem Heroes. If I'm not playing online games I spend the "gaming free time" on some titles for the PS4, 3DS, Wii U, or Xbox 360.

    What were the things you liked about the game?

    I mostly enjoyed leveling(soloing), KQs, farming, and marketing the loots that I obtain. Chatting with a few decent people was alright.

    What is the things you disliked about the game?

    Power-Leveling, Kill-Stealing, spot claimers, beggars, and anyone who were jackasses in the game towards those that didn't deserve it. The disconnects and lags are irritating, but kinda learnt to deal with it until whenever it's fixed.

    If you have to choose another game to play, what are the things you observe to make sure it may be a game you'll like?

    Usually, it'll be through both ratings/reviews and/or gameplay videos to get an example of the play style/setup.