Gold Sink Ideas

  • No. No fee on the town gates. When they put the portals in, that was one of the best ways they revived all the towns, putting a fee on it is just ridiculous. Teleport scrolls were mostly bought for when out in the field or for guild wars. Not just for going from town to town. This will again kill off people playing the game. People act like gold sinks are because EVERYONE has gems upon gems, but your average person and new people do not. Gold sink ideas should be left for extras for the people who have a bunch of gems and do not mind wasting them on some novel idea, not on things that are used for every day game play.

    Totally agree with you on this Minty, gates brought the lower level towns back to life and I don't want to see newbies discouraged from exploring either :)

  • But gold sink clearly needed. As active seller of raid drops I can tell that its hilarious how some ppl cant pay 5 gems for crappy 115 or 135 set, while some people sit on mountains of cash and pay 50-100 gems per 1 piece just because they liked stats.

    Just like in real world gap between rich and poor is pretty big, and the only way of fighting this is adding some pay-to-get options for RICH people. Something that isnt essential for gameplay and wont affect potential of poor players, although its rather sad how some ppl get to cap and cant even make few gems. Clearly serious problems with setting priorities and managing their time.

    Examples> i gave few in past already. More options for braggers/show offers.
    Add new NPC, name it SWAGISTER, and make it sell show off items for game currency.

    -Exclusive mounts.

    -Exclusive stateless items (suits, auras, et cetera)
    -More marriage slots (harems/multiple partners)
    -Hammers (this is still a luxury item which majority of people dont need for casual gameplay)
    - Exclusive roars? Different color, for example?
    -Premium beauty coupons

    ...And so on. And dont start crying about "company losing profits".
    You cant fix economics without making some sacrifices. All means thus far have failed, and as diplomed economist I can tell u that there is no harmless way. Company must be willing to sacrifice part of profits to balance market in game.

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