Your ID has been blocked

  • Hi all

    I haven't played this game in 6+ years and recently returned. I logged in to my veteran account successfully which showed me a username I never thought I'd ever use. Unfortunately I believe its gamigo system and not fiesta. Can anyone help me get my original account bank? I just made this account just to ask this question.

    When i attempted to log in to this forum, i was told that my username/email doesn't exists. I've downloaded Fiesta and I'm getting this ID doesn't exist anymore.

    Honestly, if I have to start all over on this current account I rather just uninstall this game.;(

    Any help is appreciated, even if it is to say that my account is gone forever.

  • You have to contact support because you didn't pick a server to transfer your character to when they merged servers some years back. It's either that or you were banned for some other reason, but that seems unlikely if you haven't played for 6 years.

  • The first thing you should try is see if you can log in to with the email and password you used to use. If that works chances are you need to change your game password, because we had a forced change a while ago. If you get in go to my Gamigo and in the Fiesta NA section select the change password option. If that works you will get in game with new password, and will still use the old one for the Gamigo site.