Fiestan Is That Even A Word

  • Quit trying to scam people out of gems, it's not gonna work.. This kind of crap is the reason you get banned. smh

    Its interesting how everyone that commented on this thread failed the challenge except for this Shandy guy here. So you had to bring the scam statement, which is a very low thing to do, totally unrelated statement but oh well you have your own agenda which is clear to everyone on here. If you at least would have provided an explanation of how this is a scam that would have been much more constructive but you just presented yourself as desperate.

    The word Fiestan is a word in the context of this game as has been self-used by the fiesta staff on this forum. Case closed. Everyone lost except one. #NotSureHowYouGuysEvenAreFiestanPlayersIfYouDontEvenKnowThisSimpleTerminologyAboutYourOwnGame

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

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  • i'm a cat with a desktop and opposable claws, soooo......?

    it's all good shanny wanny, that stuff only matters to whom it matters.

    that's both the beauty and curse of the web. people can claim anything, and even by checking ip's, nobody would be able to know the difference., heck, most long time gamers if they've matured enough, don't care.